Farewell...for now :)

 As you may have read in JP's previous post, he and I have decided to put Ooh La La on a bit of a hiatus while we regroup and think about what our next project may be. With so many things pulling us in so many directions, the duty to post was becoming just that...and that's something I never want it to become. Writing for a blog about things you adore should be a joy...and this was, from the moment it began back in the early summer of 2009. That summer was a tough one for me...and Ooh La La Du Jour was like a lovely and unexpected surprise in the middle of all that was during that time. But now, well, there are so many things pulling us all  in so many directions and maybe, Ooh La La Du Jour has just run its course. 

I personally want anyone and everyone who read and enjoyed this blog to know how much I deeply appreciate it. You all are what made it the fabulous experience that it was and knowing that we may have connected with even a few folks out there...well, that will always make me smile. If any of you are interested in keeping in touch, you may email me at oohlaladujour@gmail.com at any time. Send your ideas for future projects or anything else that might pop into you head :)

I think I speak for KJ and JP when I say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to express ourselves and for taking the time to participate in our thoughts, hopes, dreams and wishes. Goodbye for now kids...you've been truly, delightful :)


  1. Katie, I'll miss your blog. And your tips about stuff. Now where to get those little tenement tees with the slight gather. this year...?

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