Thanks on Thanksgiving

The best thing about Thanksgiving is that there are no strings attached. The only real obligation anyone has (other than cooking that turkey) is remembering all the things you have to be thankful for.

My 'thank you' list is simple...it starts with my mom...Laura and Joe...and of course my best bud, Chris. I am not sure where I'd be without this fantastic foursome. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have even one person as amazing any one of these outrageously awesome people.

My father...for setting the standard so high...no one will ever compare.

Ms. M...after 14 years of friendship, ups and downs, love and loyalty...I hope you get everything that you so rightfully deserve and you so deeply desire.

Finally...I am thankful for the health and happiness of all these people...and for myself ;)

Eat, drink & be merry to everyone!

(Photo of Laura and Joe by Joe)

The Parade

So really...who doesn't love a parade! And the granddaddy of all parades happens tomorrow. Of course its the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I haven't missed one in probably 30 years and even though this year I'll be out running the local Turkey Trot (2.5 miles to get me going for the upcoming shopping weekend)...I always manage to squeeze in a little parade watching. One of my all-time favorite Thanksgivings was in '97, when I traveled down to NJ/NYC to visit Ms. M. I arrived on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. As I recall, we got up well before dawn and headed into NYC on Thanksgiving day to see the parade in person. This, unlike so many things in in life did not disappoint. It totally lived up to the hype and was such a day of fun and spirit...I will never forget it!

HappyThanksgiving (Eve) !

Well, I can finally talk about the holidays and not have everyone think I am totally nuts! The season officially starts tomorrow and I could not be more excited. I was sitting in a Starbucks the other day...enjoying my favorite seasonal drink...a Peppermint Mocha (non-fat/no whip :) ... reading my New York magazine (best read in town, by the way) and thinking about exactly why I like the holidays so much. When I was kid it was probably more about presents...but even then, there was more too it. There is the ritual of it all...starting with the tree. Picking one out and decorating it is nothing but sheer joy. Then, for the next few weeks you have this special beautifully decorated, glistening visitor in your home.

Over the next few weeks I will continue to wax poetic on the season. You'll get no 'ba humbug' from me.

As for tomorrow, eat, drink AND be MERRY and Happy Thanksgiving!

(Beautiful painting by Cathy Nichols)


Short week...

Here's to celebrating a short work week! I love this photo.

I made it through...

Yay! We had our 2nd home study over the weekend and I'm happy to announce it all went really well! I was a nervous wreck, but thank goodness it all worked out. I'm even happier today because Anna Bond's store is finally here! I think I deserve a little treat...


...because parents are awesome!

I am just crazy about this blog celebrating the awesomeness of parents. I am not exactly sure where I would be without mine. Needless to say, I am one lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl.

*This oh-so-cool couple is not my parents. They are kind of a place holder until I can scan in a picture of my own amazing parents. Hope you might do the same:)

Xmas gift spoiler alert!

I know a certain Wayne Thiebaud fan who may be receiving this adorable board book in her Christmas stocking this year. This just could not be cuter!

It Might Get Loud

If you haven't seen the brilliant documentary, It Might Get Loud...DO IT!! This beautiful film brings together 2 living legends and genius musicians, Jimmy Page and The Edge, and the mega-talented, Jack White, and gives them the venue to discuss their craft, their music and their guitars.

A friend described this film as 'inspirational' ... he was right ... it will give you a chill.

Happy Pre-holiday weekend...and good luck!

So sorry to all that I've been so blog delinquent. So much to do these days...and so little time. Tonight, I am going to the thesis show for a dear friend (and talented photographer) at the Visual Studies Workshop. This weekend, I'll begin readying the house for the holidays...and I'll be thinking of Ms. M on Sunday. Not that you need it..but all my best wishes for the best of luck!

I hope everyone has the most awesome weekend!


Essie holiday polish

How can you pass up an Essie polish that's named Mint Candy Apple??? I'm in love....
PS: I'm pretty sure Ulta is having a sale on Essie polish...Buy 2 get 2 free! Are you running out the door?


I'm totally celebrating this weekend because I finally got my medical exam over with! *Everything went well!
PS: Don't you love good design? I'm quite taken by this card.

I heart address labels

I'm a big fan of address labels and custom labels are tops in my book! Here are some cute selections from Petite Alma. Loving the holiday theme!

Get ready for Monday!

Last year I wasn't quick enough to get Emily Martin's holiday cards, but I'll be ready this year! Love the checks....

oh twine!

Gorgeous twine....how I love thee...and this version is simply luxurious!

The Dieline

This might be the blog to end all blogs for me. Check out The Dieline. It's a blog dedicated to the art of packaging. I'm not sure there could be a more favorite subject of mine. As some one with a house full of empty containers (but brilliant packages) this blog is all the incentive I need to keep my love alive.

CB Xmas

You know who has the absolute greatest Christmas ornaments? Crate and Barrel. The very first ornaments I bought for my own tree (which was oh, about 18 years ago) were from the (then) brand new Crate & Barrel at Montgomery Mall (in my old hometown in Maryland), I am still using them today and they still make me smile. Every year I like to add one or two more C&B ornaments to my collection. And even though Target and Pier 1 (and even Wegmans) have pretty awesome ornaments, C&B will always have my faves.

Fabulous Stationery

This online stationery store's name says it all. It truly is 'Fabulous'. They have the coolest mod cards that you can personalize. Yet another choice for cool holiday cards.

Beautiful Friday

I know...I know...today is Friday the 13th. Who cares? It's a gorgeous, sunny, super chilly glorious day in upstate and I am feeling very festive. I am also loving the posts I've seen on a few other favorite blogs about ballet. I just found out about a movie made in '77 called Children of Theater Street-The Story of the Kirov Ballet School. I have to try to find it because it looks so interesting and might just satisfy my life-long curiosity about what it takes to become a professional ballerina.

Have a lovely, graceful Friday all!


Ms. Jane A.

I am super excited to hear about the new Jane Austen exhibit at the Morgan Library. The above Austen Christmas ornament is an extra special treat for those who are fans of Ms. Austen. I am planning on a trip to NY soon to take care of some business, but I will surely put this on my itinerary!

art therapy

Hello everyone..Hope you're all having a pleasant Wed. morning....Sorry for the infrequent posts...I'm experiencing some jitters as of late....Too many things on my plate unfortunately!
I did want to post about something that I've been passionately working on during my down time.
I've discovered the joys of painting & I've made my mom obsessed with it too! As of late, we're practicing our acrylic painting skills by drawing Gemma Correll's lovely chubsters! Not only is art therapeutic, we're having a ball looking at our finished products. Our family is going through some stressful times, but when we paint we feel just a tad bit better about everything....we're calmer, a bit cheerier.....What more can you ask for, right?

**As a side note: I'm getting the adorable tote above as a gift this week! I'm super excited to receive my shipment all the way over from England.....


Paper Goodness

I've been returning to Jordan Ferney's blog again & again because I absolutely love her simple paper tissue bunting. The optimal word here is simple!

So pretty

Just found a lovely post on Decor8....Polish Paper Chandeliers! How brilliant!

I'm in love...

Oh!!! I've been waiting for this bow hair pin (two colors to choose from!) from Kate Spade for a few months now! Yay! They have other new holiday items too and all are so adorable! I definitely need to get these and the mittens are too darling for words!

Making each day count...

Don't you love it when you read something in the paper and you just feel good afterward? I just finished reading a story of a man who had a heart attack in a NYC subway a few weeks back and he miraculously survived, with the assistance of two very special people. It was all about good timing. I love a happy ending! Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!

{lovely photo by Alicia Bock}



Guess what I spotted in the Wegmans Christmas section yesterday? My favorite ornaments...S'mores! Last year, Laura got me so into these. At first, I thought they were the silliest thing I had ever seen. Marshmallow s'mores dressed in little outfits?! Now, I am hooked. I bought 2 last year and plan on adding a couple new ones to the tree every year. They come in all sorts of little characters...there really is one for everyone. Super kitschy and very cute!


Loving: J.Crew Griffin Coat

Love the cheery color on J.Crew's Griffin coat. Don't know how practical this would be, but it's cute.
I would love a new coat this winter...and I have a few in mind.....Decisions, Decisions!

And so it's begun......

OK, folks...Holiday shopping has officially started at J.Crew. This is both frightening & enticing at the same time! Love the graphics!

Road trip...Pittsburgh!

I am heading off it Pittsburgh this Friday to spend the weekend with Laura and Joe. I haven't seen them in a while so I can't wait. Of course there is also lots to do in the 'burgh so I can hardly wait to hit the road. Even though I've visited them a bunch of times, this trip will be filled with all new things for me. First stop...the Ross Park Mall to get a jump on the Christmas shopping. This mall looks to have it all including: Nordstrom (the only department store I still love), LL Bean, Louis Vuitton and Lacoste.

Next stop on my trip will be Ohiopyle State Park. Laura and Joe take Zeus to Ohiopyle almost every weekend and I have been following their awesome hikes and camping trips for years through pictures online. Finally, I will get the chance to see the park myself (and the weather is supposed to be fabulous!)

Of course, no post about Pittsburgh is complete without mentioning the Superbowl Champion Steelers. They are 5-2 this season and sadly, have a bye the weekend I am visiting. I was looking forward to seeing those famous Steelers fans in action.

Just 2 days until I see the gang!


They're back...and they made my day!

Today, I was not looking forward to work. In the midst of an overwhelming project that I thought would never end, I stopped in Starbucks for my favorite nonfat Latte, with a sprinkle of vanilla...guess what was awaiting me? The holiday Red Cups!! They are particularly beautiful this year and nothing gets me in the holiday mood more that a hot drink in this festive cup.

Can't wait till the seasonal drinks (Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte) hit the menu next!

New Additions: Stella & babies in general...

Have you seen the newly debuted Stella McCartney Collection from KiddyGap? I'm so jealous...I'm totally wishing I could turn back the years! I sense a bit of English rock in the print ads! I even want the markers!
I also wanted to share with you the exciting night we had on Monday evening...As some of you may know, we're in the process of adopting a baby....and last night we met a sweet sweet little baby boy who was recently adopted from Korea. His parents shared their own experiences of going through all the paperwork & then finally meeting their adorable son for the first time. I was so taken by the whole experience....Seeing them all together really put things in perspective for me----When you're doing the sea of paperwork, you feel like everything is in the abstract...but this meeting really made me believe that a baby really is in our near future! Would it be too presumptuous of me if I bought a Stella item for the future little one?