Beautiful Friday

I know...I know...today is Friday the 13th. Who cares? It's a gorgeous, sunny, super chilly glorious day in upstate and I am feeling very festive. I am also loving the posts I've seen on a few other favorite blogs about ballet. I just found out about a movie made in '77 called Children of Theater Street-The Story of the Kirov Ballet School. I have to try to find it because it looks so interesting and might just satisfy my life-long curiosity about what it takes to become a professional ballerina.

Have a lovely, graceful Friday all!


  1. It's a beautiful day here too!! I love this picture! In my next life I would like to come back as a ballerina, they are always so beautiful and graceful. They're like works of art. :)

  2. Oh I so agree...I would love to come back as a ballerina. They are just amazing.

  3. hey, katie...this could look like you in the back! for a sec i thought it might be an old pic....

    love image though!!! and i've been reading a lot of chatter about ballet in different newspapers lately! gorgeous!

  4. Well, that was just about the nicest thing you could have said to Ms. M...you are WAY too kind :)