Brand New Year

Just perfect for ooh la la, Fast Company posted a round-up of their favorite branding from 2011 which just happens to include KatieP's fave, Starbucks. This doozy of a design comes from the Canadian Olympic team. It's just gorgeous! See the rest of their picks here.

~JP Pullos


Looking back on one heck of a year - 2011 redux

I don't know if I can speak for my fellow Ooh La La colleagues (KJ and JP :) when I say that I love a good year end wrap up. We all joke when this time of year rolls around...you've heard the mantra...'man, that year flew by'. But when you sit back and take stock, a whole heck of a lot happens in a year. When I look back on my year...and another year of Ooh La La Du Jour, well, I can't help but remember all that made it pretty darn amazing. Here's a few of my favorite moments, memories, people, place and things. Team soulrun for Livestrong (above)...kicking major booty in the 1st Photo Finish 5k. Over $4000 raised for an amazing cause.
Vacationing with Laura and mom in the Keys. Aaaaahhh.....
Ooops...back to January of 2011...Chris getting ready to head down the street to watch the NFC Conference championship game at our friend's house. Subzero. Brrrrrrr.
2011 really is officially the year of 'Jack'...KJ's beautiful son. Here he is just a few weeks after arrival....
...and here he is now...happy, gorgeous and a true shining star!  

2011 wasn't too shabby for soulrun either. Reviews by Velonews, tool rolls used by bike mechanics for the BMC team...amazing.

Laura was right...life really is all pre- and post-iPhone. I love it more today than when I first got it.
Who can forget Chris and the 'magic' burrows in Death Valley for the '3.14...the movie' shoot.
Not to mention me and a manatee in Key Largo!
One word...Bill. Best film I saw all year.
So many great discoveries in 2011...amazing folks doing things that made me smile day in and day out. Like I Love Doodle. Adorable
And the trends...oh the trends that kept me wishing and shopping and inspired all year long...stripes...love.
Wrists...loaded with gorgeous watches and bracelets.
Best tumblr ever. Period. All Things Stylish.
Farewell, to a genius and inspiration.
And last but not least...when all else fails, a loved and trusted friend who always makes you laugh and makes you happy to be alive :)  Happy New Year to you all and to a 2012 that puts 2011 to shame :)  XOXO Katiep

It's All About The Light

I've long had in my mind various markers for success. If I see a piano in someone's home, for example, that to me is a sign that the person has made enough money that they not only could afford a piano, but could afford to have the thing moved into their apartment. (No easy feat in NYC!) What else separates the haves from the have-nots? Good lighting. fab.com is selling some gorgeous lighting floor lights right now and I want ALL of them. (If you can believe it, readers, what lights up my bedroom is one bare light bulb.) Give me some time to save up some money for these beautiful lamps and then, yes, I'll be ready for my close-up.

~JP Pullos


The Bean boot bonanza

LOVE this story on the iconic LL Bean Boot ... always a hit with hunters, fisherman and anyone else who has to slog through muck (you know you love 'em upstate New Yorkers). Now, retro-popularity has made them the must have on college campuses too.

People, I've had mine for YEARS...they are as awesome as ever. Others come and go...but none compare so my shearling-lined beauties. If you don't own a pair...you soon will :)

*And is if you needed another reason to buy them...here's one more...100% made in the USA :)

A little post-holiday shopping, Sofia-style

Look who was spotted doing some after-Christmas shopping :)
Via the Cut


A Diva Is Back

A funny thing happened to me this week. Yesterday I was giving some thought to my favorite musical divas and I was wondering who was due for a comeback. Gloria Estefan, someone I've not thought about for a LONG time, popped into my head and I thought to myself, "It's about time for her to release an album." Lo and behold, I was scanning the Billboard charts today and who should pop up on it, but Ms. Estefan! And, let me tell you, I can't get enough of this song. If you're going to play it, get ready to turn up the music and dance.

~JP Pullos

The happiest week of the year :)

Merry merry post-Christmas kids! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Mine, well, it is was the best. I told Chris that there was no way I could be melancholy about Christmas being over (which I always am...just a bit) because I had such a lovely time. On Christmas eve, we had a fabulous dinner and took our traditional drive around town to check out the neighborhood Christmas lights. One street in Henrietta, NY was particularly spectacular and may have made my year. There was music, and each every house, including the one decked out for Hannukah was totally over the top...i.e. incredible! Bless these awesome folks for having so much holiday spirit!
Christmas morning brought a delicious french toast breakfast and present opening.
Chris had my adorable strawberryluna print framed :) Love.
Of course the best thing about the holidays is giving gifts. Laura is one the most fun people to give gifts too. She appreciates everything, right down to the wrapping. Here is my Christmas box 'o gifts to her.
Merry Christmas Zeus!!


Designing The End

Vincent, my boyfriend, is always making fun of me because I'm constantly running doomsday scenarios in my head. I can't help it. I live in Manhattan. The daytime population (with residents and workers) is close to 3 million these days so, you know, I tend to freak out when I think about how they're gonna evacuate all those people in case of an emergency. My birthday is coming up and I'll be asking my dearest Vincent to buy me this calendar - this is just one of many great illustrations on the theme of Armageddon. I found the calendar on Fab.com, a new ooh la la approved website that you will see mentioned in this blog many times in the future. That is, if there is a future.

~JP Pullos


A Very Merry Christmas to all :)

To my dear family and friends...mom, my dad, Laura, Joe and Chris...I wish you the  merriest, cheeriest, most fabulous Christmas you have had yet. I don't know where I'd be without any of you...I don't want to know. You are all the best and the very reason I love the holidays so.

To KJ and her beautiful family...a truly treasured experience is finally here. A first Christmas with baby son Jack. The joy I know this brings you, makes me tear up just thinking of it.

JP...our new friend at Ooh La La...I am so happy for this chance to renew our friendship...which could never ever get old. After all these years, working together again. Have an amazing NYC holiday season!

I say it every year but it becomes more meaningful every year...remember all that we have to be so thankful for. Sometimes life is tough...and sometimes, well it's just joyful. Let this season remind you of the joy.

XOXO Katiep

*lovely watercolor by the always brilliant Caitlin McGauley


Holiday style and inspiration via All Things Stylish

The best tumblr of all time is, as always, a feast for the eyes. Since I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to check in with All Things Stylish lately...of course they haven't lost their touch and continue to inspire in so many ways...here's a few fabulous photos from their diary...things to buy, wear, eat and admire during this holiday season :)
The ever-stylish and always gorgeous, navy blue.

Avedon...an inspiration all year long.                           

And so it begins...

...the first day of winter has arrived and even though it's only rainy here in upstate NY, I've no doubt the season will be making its presence known any day now :)

*Lab in the snow from the fantastic Etsy shop Glad Dog

Holiday Paperdolls via the Black Apple

Looking for one more little holiday project to add to you list? How about this adorable paperdoll set available from the Black Apple website as a free download. Fabulous!

Gift Guru

I really have to echo KatieP's apology for being MIA lately. My dear readers, I've missed you and it does my soul no good when I go so long without posting.

I can't imagine a better guide for your last minute shopping for the men on your list than Julie Rath. You all know I love her suggestions. How can you go wrong with this gorgeous tie bar? See her entire holiday buying list here. I'm glad to be back, readers. And Happy Holidays!!

~JP Pullos


THE trend of 2011?

If I ran a tally, I wonder if the most posted on item for this blog would be the trend of the well-styled wrist. 2011 has been an absolutely amazing year this fashion statement that has been so beloved to me for so long. Refinery 29 has an awesome post this morning, pitting some of  the most gorgeous wrists against each other in a friendly competition. Check out the link and see which one you love the most. This is my fave!

A pleading for holiday forgiveness, dear readers :)

Hellooooo Ooh La La faithful! You know me, so you already know the first words out of my mouth are going to be, "I'm so very sorry!!!!". What a busy busy holiday season this has been. Things at work have been nonstop as seems to be the same for home (usually so very quiet). Every single weekend has brought something new and I just haven't had a minute to keep up with you all. My hope is that you folks have been oh so very busy too...I know that you have been ;-) Just 'cause I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been awash in all things ooh la la-y. Shopping has been a blast this year. So much Christmas cuteness out there including this major coup bestowed upon me last week by my dear friend Benita at the U of R Starbucks. I simply mentioned to her that in 2007, due to my health concerns, I totally missed the commemorative ornaments for that year. She quietly found a couple in her stash and I went over the moon with joy! Love the 'bag of coffee' ornament.
Love the Vintage collection at Yankee Candle.
Another Christmas fave...S'mores...in nightlight form!
And how about this blast from 90's past...Shalom and Amber...together again in the January issue of Vogue (with Meryl Streep on the cover...give me a break).


Behind the genius

My awesome mom sent me the autobiography of Steve Jobs, book on CD recently and if I can reccomend you pick up one book to round out the year...it's this one. Stirring down to your bones.
(Perfect pic. spotted on Cup of Jo)

Martha's Xmas

Does anyone do simple/clever like Martha S. In a word...no. Loving this simple, yet colorfully wonderful ornament ideas. There are loads of other ideas...these are just 2 faves :)



As of today, I am posting a favorite Christmas ornament a day until THE big day. This one...for obvious reasons :)

Holiday weekend #2

Guess what kids...it's that time of year again...time for the beloved Jingle Bell Run. The course may be a little different this year but I suspect it will be the same fun race. Great weather and lots of friends should make this one my best one yet.
I love love love garland and I'm thinking about making a few strands to put around this house, this weekend. Love this ribbon garland from Martha Stewart...and I'm trying to design my own with a mitten motif  and using left over wrapping paper.
Doesn't this asparagus and roasted new potato dish look super yummy! *Spotted on Cup of JO
 Have an awesome weekend all! Make sure to enjoy each and every minute of these holiday weekends!


Stylish Stripes

From the Kate Spade blog...snapped on the street...just how do New Yorkers do it? Fabulous.