Looking back on one heck of a year - 2011 redux

I don't know if I can speak for my fellow Ooh La La colleagues (KJ and JP :) when I say that I love a good year end wrap up. We all joke when this time of year rolls around...you've heard the mantra...'man, that year flew by'. But when you sit back and take stock, a whole heck of a lot happens in a year. When I look back on my year...and another year of Ooh La La Du Jour, well, I can't help but remember all that made it pretty darn amazing. Here's a few of my favorite moments, memories, people, place and things. Team soulrun for Livestrong (above)...kicking major booty in the 1st Photo Finish 5k. Over $4000 raised for an amazing cause.
Vacationing with Laura and mom in the Keys. Aaaaahhh.....
Ooops...back to January of 2011...Chris getting ready to head down the street to watch the NFC Conference championship game at our friend's house. Subzero. Brrrrrrr.
2011 really is officially the year of 'Jack'...KJ's beautiful son. Here he is just a few weeks after arrival....
...and here he is now...happy, gorgeous and a true shining star!  

2011 wasn't too shabby for soulrun either. Reviews by Velonews, tool rolls used by bike mechanics for the BMC team...amazing.

Laura was right...life really is all pre- and post-iPhone. I love it more today than when I first got it.
Who can forget Chris and the 'magic' burrows in Death Valley for the '3.14...the movie' shoot.
Not to mention me and a manatee in Key Largo!
One word...Bill. Best film I saw all year.
So many great discoveries in 2011...amazing folks doing things that made me smile day in and day out. Like I Love Doodle. Adorable
And the trends...oh the trends that kept me wishing and shopping and inspired all year long...stripes...love.
Wrists...loaded with gorgeous watches and bracelets.
Best tumblr ever. Period. All Things Stylish.
Farewell, to a genius and inspiration.
And last but not least...when all else fails, a loved and trusted friend who always makes you laugh and makes you happy to be alive :)  Happy New Year to you all and to a 2012 that puts 2011 to shame :)  XOXO Katiep

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