...and if the Sartorialist ever saw Jack

...there's little doubt he'd be immortalized on the blog. How fantastic is Jack in his donut leggings and tee, with a jaunty little neck kerchief. Super stylin' for the 'less than 1 year old' set :)

Casual chic envy

There is not one single, solitary thing about this photo via The Sartorialist that I do not love. I'm going to have to assume that it is not staged, but it's so bloody perfect that it almost makes me a bit suspicious. I love everything from head (literally, her hair color is simply stunning) to toe. I love the subtle, natural tones of her outfit and the way her Longchamp bag and little 'Keds' are perfectly matched. Once again, the Sartorialist manages to validate everything I love about fashion. It is best at its simplest :)

(One more word about that gorgeous, navy Longchamp bag that kind of steals the show in this photo. So I love Longchamps...who doesn't right. I have a couple of different styles (backpack and messenger bag) but not this classic 'Pliage'. Ask Laura...I have gone back and forth on buying one forever...until recently when I kind of abandoned the idea all together. The problem?  You see, they are very popular on campus here at the UofR. I see them everywhere and on everyone...salt damaged, used as gym bags (the girls soft-ball team in particular seems to love them) and well, now they are ruined for me. KJ will know what I'm talking about. So will Laura. I just can't hold them in the esteem I did, when I see them, totally used and abused. This photo however...and this girl are renewing the once fading love. Ooh La La!)

$70 Flip-flop

Yeah, it's kind silly...but you have to admit..this Missoni collaboration with Havaianas, is pretty much the best looking flip of all time.

The most delicious thing I have eaten in my whole, entire life

And I am not kidding. When my dear friend Ellen goes on one of her frequent and fabulous NYC trips, I happily take care of her 3 adorable cats. One of the reasons I love this little job is that Ellen doesn't just pay in cash...she also pays in delicious, top-notch chocolate. Ellen is a bit of chocoholic, holding firmly to the Katherine Hepburn theory that a person should eat a piece of chocolate each and every day. She usually brings back my faves...Teuschers or a little something from La Maison du Chocolat. This time she surprised me with some sort of truffle covered almond, which was seriously the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. I always said sushi was my 'desert island food' and now I think I found my 'desert island' desert. In a word, heavenly.

And so, it begins...

 Good morning kids! A bit bleary eyed from watching the royal spectacle? I hope you got a chance to at least catch a bit because, well, the wedding really was quite amazing. From the moment the newly crowned Princess Catherine emerged from her glorious Rolls in the elegant and pitch-perfect Sarah Burton for Alexande McQueen dress (a fact that, in-and-of-itself almost brought me to tears) I knew one thing... I like this couple. Because, here's the thing... aside from all the pomp and circumstance...all you need to make an occasion like this truly wonderful is two people who actually love each other. And call me crazy, but I think William and Catherine do :)

Other highlights for me: 

1) Pippa! - I'm a new fan. She looked completely gorgeous...thoroughly modern (LOVE that she wore white as well!)...and I simply adore her name. 

2)Becks and Posh - Is there a way I can hire these 2, to come to every function, I am a part of? They just make everything look better.

3)London - You are truly calling me :)

Have a lovely Royal Wedding Friday !


Come on summer!

Guess what? It's nice here today. I know...I know...you might actually not have to listen to me gripe about the stupid weather. And nice is kind of relative...I mean it is very sunny, and rather mild but super, crazy windy (like, 'I hope the roof is still on when I get home' windy :) All that said, I've been checking out the offerings summer 2011-wise, at my fave stores and I have to admit, I'm really seeing some stuff I like. For instance, look at this gorgeous butterfly skirt from LL Bean Signature. So lovely. Perfect for work. Perfect for a summer garden party. Really, just perfect.

While we are on the subject...do you have particular summer style? Are you all about skirts and sun dresses...or maybe you love capris and shorts? I'd love to know your faves...and where you get them :)

Crustless quiche...

...is, in a word, genius. I just spotted this recipe on Poppytalk (via Treat Yourself) for an essentially crustless quiche (crust is replaced by just a dusting of breadcrumbs). Even though I massively adore delicious crust (frankly, I don't care what the quality, heavy or flaky...it's all heavenly to me) it is pretty fattening. I'm also terrified to make it and it is the one thing that stops be from making quiche every single time. No excuses with this recipe and I will be trying it out, for sure, this weekend.

My summer shoe 'wish list'

I was just checking out the lastest footwear from LLBean Signature and stumbled across THEIR version of my all-time favorite shoe...as you all know...the ballet flat. Uh...it's gorgeous, no? So this is it....this is the one for me. I just love everything about them...of course the color is a bit of a dilemma. I dearly love the  'Blush' color but that snazzy metallic is really speaking to me to. So as I was pondering which one I would get, I started to think about the 'spring/summer shoe' wish list I created a while back. Remember these (they've all been featured on Ooh La La Du Jour):
Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal
Two-toned cranberry flat from Marais
Bass Joanne sandal
Bensimon Tennis Lacet
 Hmmm...obviously this is adding up and getting a bit expensive. I might have to narrow this list of purchases to my top 3...but they are all so different...and so lovely. Damn you, shoe fetish!


Getting ready...and how to stay awake for the big day :)

OK kids...does everyone have a plan for April 29...the big wedding day? I have no idea why I am so excited for this event. Well, actually I know exactly why...first, who doesn't love a wedding. Only a real curmudgeon really. Second, I so clearly remember the wedding of Charles and Di. Well, to be frank, I didn't know what the heck was going on, until the morning that we watched it. I was around 13 and the time and I remember thinking (even then) man, this is totally over-the-top. Third, (and this is a bit of a reach but...) William and I share the same birth date :)

Trying to figure up how you will stay up (4am for us east-coaster, 1am for you poor guys on the west)? Self Mag. has a pretty entertaining article to help you through. I think I'll be able to do it...with a little coffee and a bit of texting to Laura :)

(Fantastic 'invite' from Etsy shop 76th Streetlink)

App happy

 For those of you who have entered the wonderful world of smarthphones...no more words are probably necessary. As if being an awesome phone with online access wasn't enough, there are the apps. Oh my gosh, the apps. Of course there are the obvious ones...you know, the must-haves...Facebook, Pandora, Amazon...but there is so much more. I already have 19 (all free by the way) and I've barely even begun. Here are a few other faves.

Must put the phone down and step away :)

Guest Blog - One Lucky Mom

I went out looking for Mom's Day gift today and I was drawn like a magnet to a little store that I rarely walk into called Kate Spade. I couldn't put two and two together until it dawned on me that I've been reading ooh la la every day for many weeks now. I think it's been seeping into my brain. Great news for my mom since she'll be getting this awesome little cosmetic case. Cause what Mom doesn't love having a lovely little thing like this sitting on her bathroom counter? Fabu!!

~JP Pullos


True Love - Your daily dose of my Kate Spade obsession

No doubt about it...I 'heart' this Kate Spade Sutton Place Willa Bag. I've had my eye on it for...oh, I don't know, 6 months. There is nothing that isn't perfection about this bag. It's simple, elegant and with that adorable polka-dot lining a wee bit whimsical. I finally ordered this bag yesterday. It was on super-sale and I love that it didn't break the bank. Laura recently said that she was only buying Kate Spade bags from here on ... I totally understand why. I love Longchamp, Herve Chapelier and Louis Vuitton but still, nothing quite compares to Kate :)

If this commercial doesn't give you a chill...check your pulse

Nike ads...my love of them is getting rather redundant, isn't it? Just when I thought I had seen them all, I discovered this one, this past weekend (via my way-too wonderful iPhone) from 2008. Directed by David Fincher (whose film credits only include 'Fight Club' and 'The Social Network', to name a couple) this commercial is positively epic. Throw in the amazing and famous theme 'Ecstasy of Gold' from the the classic movie 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' and you have an ad puts all other ads to shame. Do you have to be a football fan to love it? No way.

The long awaited soulrun sticker is...

...here!!!!!!!!!! Aren't they fabulous!? I can hardly wait to get one on the back of my car...and any place else. Love!

Guest Blog - Maura's brain

It's funny the things you remember about your parents. I remember being confused about my dad over two daily habits he had: He watched the news and he did the crossword puzzle every day. I thought the evening news was boring and, try as hard as I could, I didn't really enjoy doing a crossword puzzle until I was 30 years old. Well, funny thing, I'm now addicted to the news and I do a crossword puzzle (or a part of one) every night before I go to bed. I owe my love of crosswords to one woman: Maura Jacobson. Her puzzles aren't just brain teasers - they're outright entertaining. She makes me smile week after week. (I bet you can't say that about your Sudoku puzzle.) I've never seen a picture of her before and seeing this one in NY Mag, with the announcement that she's retiring, brought a tear to my eye. She looks like just about the sweetest woman that ever lived with just a hint of mischief in her eyes. Will Shortz call her "a national treasure" and, on that point, I'd have to agree.

~JP Pullos


The genius strikes again

From Oh Joy! .. sneak peak at the Fall 2011 Kate Spade line. Oh Joy! astutely pointed out that the line seems a bit more neutral than in the past...but I could not agree more that the idea that the always whimsical 'Kate Spade' shines through. And you all know my philosophy...neutrals are always where it's at.

I think I am feeling particularly affectionate toward Kate Spade today...I just bought an iPhone 4 cover and bag that I've been wanting since Xmas (mega-on sale). YAY!!!!!

Greetings from Death Valley, CA

Chris and his new burro buddy...on location in the desert for '3.14...the movie'. Awesome :)


Phew! What week! Happy Easter...Happy Greek Orthodox Easter...Happy Earth Day ... and Bon Voyager Chris!

My absolute fave Greek Easter treat!
Holy cow! What a week! We were positively slammed at work...end of the year jitters at the U of R, I suppose. This is 100% why I just haven't had a chance to post much...but I've missed you guys :) The craziness at work + my new iPhone (which I could not possibly love more if it were actually alive and could talk back to me) + plus the cool demonstration Seder dinner I went to last night, have made this a pretty bangin' week. But I am thankful for the weekend too. Let's start with the fact that it's Easter and for those of you (like me) who might celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter, Xronia Polla!

Let's not forget that tomorrow is Earth Day. I understand Lowe's is handing out free trees ... how lovely. Speaking of lovely, look at this gorgeous photo by Joe. He never ceases to amaze me with his fabulous eye.

Chris is off to Death Valley to work on the week long shoot of 3.14...the movie. Check out this Kickstarter video for more info. about the project.


Getting ready...Dunkin Donuts Style

I defy you to find a cuter campaign to celebrate the royal wedding. In honor of the wedding of the year, from April 24 through the big day, April 29, DD will be featuring this glorious, heart-shaped, 'Royal Wedding Donut'.
In a word...genius.

Loving my neighborhood coffee shop

I haven't mentioned Starry Nights in a while, have I? Well, it's the cool coffee shop down the road from my house...a 5 minute drive or a half hour walk (summer only, of course). I love Starry Nights...and here's one reason why. When I commented on the barista's Washington Redskins baseball cap (being a 'Skins fan myself), this is what he created for me. It made my day :)

Signs of summer

The Matchbook mag. blog has a great post about everyone's favorite summer shoe ... espadrilles! Don't they just scream 'summer'!!


Getting ready

So you know what it's doing up in Rochester today? The same thing it did yesterday. Yeah, that's right...it's snowing..in April. One word...gross.  But that's not stopping me from planning for my upcoming beach trip...and don't you think this adorable beach towel from Old Navy will be the perfect accessory?

Oh my gosh, speaking of which, have you checked out some of the incredibly cute (and utterly affordable) swim suits at Old Navy?!?! Definitely do because you will not be disappointed. One was featured in the May '11 issue of Fitness mag...I can't find a picture on line but it is a navy and red, stripped, one-piece and is so cute!

Everything's better with Butter

How did I miss this?! Did you know the amazing Butter London is now available at Ulta? I could not be more excited by this little tid bit. Even though  I'm pretty sold on fast-drying nail polish...Butter is worth that little extra waiting time :)

The 2 month boycott

So after stupid, ridiculous Kim Kardashian was on the cover of  Harper's Bazaar (in February, I think?) I vowed never to pick that mag. up again. I mean I hardly ever read it anyway so it wasn't much of a gauntlet to throw down...but I also rarely boycott anything...mostly because I know I can't follow through. 

Well, you probably know where this is going...just look at the May cover of HB (via Design Scene). Damn you Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga)!! Why must you be so sensational?!

The long lost LCM

It's been so long since I've done an LCM (Librarian Chic Monday...for you newbies) post that I barely remember what qualifies...and then I saw this perfect little print from the Etsy shop African Grey Designs. Nerdy Pug is his name...being a straight 'A' student (and adorable) is his game. 

Oh so very LCM :)

Grace @ 70

If you do one thing today, please make that thing, checking out the amazing tribute to Grace Coddington on the occasion of her 70th birthday on Fashionologie. There is just nothing about this woman I don't like...including the fact that she's 70. Truly remarkable.

Grace and Karl Lagerfeld...oh my gosh...100% love.


On thought...and necklace...for the road

Take it from Kate Spade and smile!! Everything always looks and seems better if you do. Love this inspirational necklace and the positive spirit going into the weekend :)

The weekend music mix :)

I had to take my lovely little Matrix to the dealer this morning for some routine maintenance and on my way back to work, I heard an old fave, which also could not be more timely. Who doesn't love James Taylor...seriously who? And I just love this ode to the Carolinas...where my mom lives and where Laura and Zeus just happen to be visiting. Here are a few pics from their last few days there. Tell me these photos don't make you say...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Have a lovely weekend kids!

Those were the days, my friend :)

JP's recent post about Tina Fey was a great one. Tina Fey is one of the hardest working and most beloved people in entertainment these day and it is well-deserved adoration. That said, the subject of her being on the cover of the ever important March issue of Vogue 2010 has reared it's head again and I just can't let it go. Tina Fey is not the problem. For me, she was just the cover 'model' that went too far. That's because, when I was in my teens and 20's (formidable years, in terms of shaping your fashion psyche), these are examples of what arrived in my mailbox...

Say what you will about Linda Evangelista...she was one of the greatest models of all time...and this cover is a work of art.
This pic has been on Ooh La La Du Jour before. Any excuse to post it again. Gorgeous.
The top of their field...I never got tired of looking at a single one of them.
Along came Kate...brilliant, from head to toe.
I always remember when this April 1994 issue of Harper's Bazaar arrived  in my mailbox...in the middle of a miserable ice storm, when I was living in Washington, D.C. It was an absolute beacon of warmth and inspiration.
And more  recently, Lara Stone on the cover of the 90th anniversary issue of French Vogue. 100% unforgettable.

And here is what we are 'treated' to now...

Give me a break.