Backpack to School

Backpacks are a tricky thing. They're so rarely done well and they can look so, so wrong on anyone who looks older than college-age. Julie Rath comes to the rescue, again, with this awesome blog post. KatieP, maybe you can pass this along to some of your new students? It's never too early to look fabulous!

~JP Pullos


Blinding Fashion

The kids in this fashion shoot are too cool for school but I'm digging their clothes so I'm into it. In particular, I'm loving this t-shirt. I don't know if it was designed to be pulled up like actual shades or if the photographer's team rigged it this way but, either way, I want one. Yum.

~JP Pullos


Picture of the week - soulrun hits the big time!

No...your eyes are not deceiving you...that is a soulrun tool roll along side the BMC bus!! What??! I'm still in a bit of shock. Laura, you just hit the big time and I am doing a happy dance in my cube at work. Wheeeee!! Congratulations soulrun!!

Be Inthavong

Could this handbag be any more gorgeous? I don't think so. Designer Be Inthavong created this sophisticated, elegant, and oh-so-eye-catching carry-all and is selling it for a mere $1,850. (A guy can dream, right?) Now you may be thinking, why does this bag cost so much? It turns out that an entire month of work went into creating each bag. Inthavong's grandmother was a silkweaver in Laos and Inthavong has found a way of marrying old weaving technique with cutting edge fashion. Old and new. Classic and of-the-moment. The result: beautifully stunning.

~JP Pullos


Designed to make you smile

From the Lonny Mag. blog. Caitlin McGauley's watercolor sunflowers. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :)
'The Pianist' from I Love Doodle. Another brilliant idea...how do they do it?

2 of my most beloved...

...Labs and scarves...Decor 8...you just made my day :)

If only I had more finger and toes!

Love this guide to fall nail color from Refinery 29. Purples and grays....Ooh La La!

Moving in...UofR style

You know, back in the day (almost 25 years ago to be exact) when I moved into my college dorm, it wasn't much of an event. It certainly wasn't any fun...especially not freshman year. I guess, the powers that be at academic institutes finally figured that out. Or maybe they just figured it out here at the U of Rochester 'cause not only is not traumatic...it's kind of a party. And I think it's awesome. Here's some pics of freshman move-in day which happened yesterday. Above...members of the football team, helping our their classmates.
University singing group, The Midnight Ramblers, entertaining families while they wait.
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University mascot, Rocky...ambassador for a day :) Nice job UofR.

You never looked better

I kind of love the new Lacoste ad campaign...but then I kind of love all things Lacoste. For more on how the ubiquitous alligator may become even more ubiquitous, check out this link from The Cut. I, for one, would be lost without my Lacoste polos...my easy, go-to item when I have not one clue what to wear.


What every student needs ;-)

OK, maybe these items aren't as 'necessary' as jump drives and laptops for your new students, but you have to admit, they are way more fun! Bicycle shaped clips...adorable!
Owl lip balm!
Smashing pom-pom scarf (I've seriously been looking for one just like this everywhere...who knew I'd find it at the Paper Source!)

And while we are on the subject...

...we might as well go all the way on the subject of fall...'cause guess what, it's around the corner folks. Thinking about doing the wardrobe switch is always a little intimidating for me, especially when we move from summer to fall. I love love LOVE fall and winter clothes but they are so much more expensive than summer things and I never know where on earth I am going to get the budget to add new things (which, of course, I really want to do :) I'm thinking Lands End Canvas might be the only place I need to got for all my fall needs. Just look at these gorgeous items...only a few of the things I am currently coveting. This button-side crew...adorable.
Fleece toggle jacket...love!
Scarves...can you really ever have enough?
And so many gorgeous stripped sweaters to choose from!
Here's another!

Let the games (and the arrival of the Freshman) begin!

Oh boy...here we go, one of my favorite weeks on campus of the entire year. Orientation week officially starts today and it all begins with the so-called 'freshman move-in day' (did they have that when you first came to campus JP?) It's quite the occasion these days and I have to admit, I may be looking for reasons to get excited, but it is exciting! Tomorrow is also the start of our 2 day used book sale which is always super popular (and run by my dear friend Eileen :)
Rush Rhees Library...getting ready for the onslaught and the 2011-12 academic year.
Orientation staff...eagerly awaiting those first freshman in front of the 'Sue B.' dorm.
And for those of us in the library...getting ready for lots of new faces, hiring student staff...just remember the sentiment above :-)


Carnage Teaser

Have you seen the preview for Carnage yet? OMG, folks. This ones a doozy. Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, and John C. Reilly all look like they're stuck in an apartment together giving each other hell. Roman Polanski directs. Can. Not. Wait.

~JP Pullos

Ooh La La...earthquake!

Uh...holy heck. The question you've heard at least once today...did you feel that? I dismissed it as more disruption from all the construction we've had all summer...but when I got a text from Laura just a few seconds later (in Pittsburgh) that she'd felt a doozy of an earthquake, well, I  knew it was no joke.

KJ is in the thick of the storm but all appears to be well. Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and sound...and not totally freaked out.

Just a little too much excitement for me on this late summer day :)


Tight Dance Moves

I've already written about how much I love music videos. I could go on for hours and hours with all the reasons - the mixing of music and visual, awesome cinematography, and Lady Gaga's outfits all come to mind. When I watched Janelle MonĂ¡e's new video for Tightrope, it reminded me of one more reason I love music videos: because you get to see the artist's dance moves up close, something not possible when you go to a huge concert. The dancing in this video is spectacular. And it's a fun song too. The result: a music video that makes me happy to be alive.

~JP Pullos


Savoring what's left

I don't want to bring up a sore subject...but there really aren't that many weekends of sensational summer left. Next week, the Class of 2015 descends on campus and in many ways, this is the very unofficial end of summer for me. Classes start in less than 2 weeks and with that, we are full-throttle into the fall semester. So this weekend, I'll be savoring every last moment...the warm temps predicted for tomorrow...a lovely evening planned with some great friends on Sunday.

Whatever you have planned, make sure  it's super summery.

XOXO Katiep

*Pic via Where is the cool

A bevy of bracelets

JP got me all jazzed on the subject of bracelets (especially those worn with watches) so I thought I'd show you the ones I really have my eye on this season. Some you've already seen...not this one above though. From Madewell, I adore the interplay of the chain with the cord  (and it comes in red, white and navy...which to choose?!) This will look just smashing with the vintage watch my mother gave me.
The 'spades'...need I say more. This bangle is front and center on my fall wish list.
You remember this Lulu Frost for JCrew bracelet from my post yesterday...yes? I simply adore this one, in the 'apple cider' hue.
This is a re-post of pic from Garance Dore's blog that I posted last year. Loved it then, love it now. It achieved the highest status of 'permanent' on my inspiration board. Love.

And speaking of the genius

...the new 'denim inspired' Chanel nail polish. KJ has her lipstick...I have my nail polish obsession. One way or another, your lips and nails will always know the latest on Ooh La La Dujour :)

Did I mention how much I love these?

Via Fashionista

Coco the beauty

I just stumbled across this pic of Coco Chanel in a post from The Cut. (Just as an aside, the post is about yet another book that reveals a litany of negatives things about the pioneer of fashion design). I have to say, I was so taken aback by this beautiful photo. I (actually, we all) have images burned in our brain of Coco. I don't think I ever really knew how truly gorgeous she was. Hmmmm...

NY Mag Does it Again

New York Magazine hit one out of the park with this week's Fashion Issue. I could easily create five posts out of all the great articles but, dear readers, I'll let you find a copy (or read it online) and devour it for yourself.

First of all, the patron saint of this blog, Jenna Lyons, is profiled in a well-written article. I already loved her and now I love her even more. One delightful little morsel that I'll tease you with: J. Crew is doing a runway show at next month's Fashion Week. (You'll be sure to see many posts on this very blog when that happens.) My other fave articles: Gorgeous model Andrej Pejic gets a write-up. He's doing for androgyny what Gabourey Sidibe did for fat girls: owning it and making it popular. The story on Pippa Middleton is thoroughly enjoyable, if only to see her flawless choices for what she wears every day but also to read that she is a adept at being a PR machine. (Hm, maybe Prince Harry can pick up some tips?). And last, but certainly not least, the article on China Machado (image below) made me aspire to her level of sheer fabulousness. A bullfighter lover once left her for none other than Ava Gardner who was, at the time, Ms. Machado's idol. She's 81 years old and she's still stunningly gorgeous.

A collection of articles like this all in one issue would start to explain why NY Mag is one of my favorite mags. I really couldn't have enjoyed this issue any more than I did. Absolutely fabulous!

~JP Pullos



so...super...stylin :)  Via All Things Stylish

The genius of marketing

There was an article in the WSJ yesterday titled, 'A Season (or 13) of shopping' which, rather brilliantly examines how the retail industry has basically created a reason to shop, no matter the time of year. Focusing in on what makes various parts of the year unique (January=organization and storage, Late January/February=Superbowl, September=back to school/college etc.) retailers are figuring out ways to capitalize on our willingness to shop both impulsively and seasonally. For those items which, as the article says are 'neither impulsive nor seasonal' (like Kleenex tissues...pictured above), manufacturers are finding ways to tweak the items, giving them more of the seasonal edge. Ooh La La Du Jour readers have seen these tissue boxes before (you remember, the fruit slices last summer and the cake slices during the holidays). I am such a fan of these boxes because they take an item I must have in my home and make them tolerable (actually, delightful) to look at. The genius is the summer twist...since no one really buys tissues in the summer anyway, these designs just made me realize I am without totally knowing why.

And as with ads, I love a brilliant design and marketing campaign at least as much as I love a brilliant product :)

Do we need this? Yes we do!

The first time I saw this product advertised (on tv) I thought...beautiful packaging, but is this really necessary. I  mean the claim to fame of Natural Bliss is that it contains only basic ingredients; milk, cream and sugar. Can't I add those things to my coffee on my own? Well, you know where this is headed. Of course, I could not resist buying it...lovely packaging aside, I am ALWAYS up for new ways to jazz up my morning coffee.

The answer to my question...sure, you can add you own milk, cream and sugar...but you can't do it as well. This product is scrumptious and I am totally hooked.

Be still my heart

Did you know that the latest JCrew catalog was shot is St. Petersburg, Russia at the 'Mariinsky and Yakobson' dance shool, using their stunning ballerinas to model items from their cashmere collection? Ballerinas, cashmere...double Ooh La La. (and swoon).

Lulu @ JCrew

Oh wow. Beautiful, no? From the (un) official JCrew tumblr, bangles by Lulu Frost. I would absolutely adore wearing these bangles from wrist to elbow. Ooh La La!


The latest in a long line of bag obsessions

How many times can we call a bag, 'the perfect bag' on Ooh La La Du Jour. As long as gorgeous ones keep coming out, it's probably an endless supply. There is no way I am going to even pretend that this is the last bag I will be obsessed with but let's face it...I am pretty smitten. Lately I've gone completely mad for Kate Spade bags. Of course they are always beautiful and so well crafted but I think there is more to it even that just that. I can't say it's never going to happen but I just don't think a Kate Spade bag is going to end up on the ' Jersey Shore ' or 'Real Housewives ... ' any time soon. And that, my friends, is a major plus.
Cobble Hill Leslie
*Think I'm the only one who doesn't like to see my favorite things worn by well, people who are kind of ugh...check out this bit from The Cut on how Abercrombie & Fitch is paying 'The Situatioin' of Jersey Shore fame NOT to wear their clothes. Awesome. Chanel, Louis Vuitton...may I suggest a similar course of action?

Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful

Keiko Fukuda is 98 years old and the first woman to have received the highest degree black belt in Judo last week. A documentary is in the works on her life and I can't wait to see it. Sensei Fukuda's motto: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful. I am adopting that as the motto for all of us here at ooh la la. Be Strong! Be Gentle! Be Beautiful!

~JP Pullos


Food inspiration

Do you ever look at the tumblr Food is Art? Well...you should. It's gorgeous and provides just the perfect food inspiration...and because...food really is art :)
Chickpea salad
Hot cocoa
Iced tea lemonade with mint