NY Mag Does it Again

New York Magazine hit one out of the park with this week's Fashion Issue. I could easily create five posts out of all the great articles but, dear readers, I'll let you find a copy (or read it online) and devour it for yourself.

First of all, the patron saint of this blog, Jenna Lyons, is profiled in a well-written article. I already loved her and now I love her even more. One delightful little morsel that I'll tease you with: J. Crew is doing a runway show at next month's Fashion Week. (You'll be sure to see many posts on this very blog when that happens.) My other fave articles: Gorgeous model Andrej Pejic gets a write-up. He's doing for androgyny what Gabourey Sidibe did for fat girls: owning it and making it popular. The story on Pippa Middleton is thoroughly enjoyable, if only to see her flawless choices for what she wears every day but also to read that she is a adept at being a PR machine. (Hm, maybe Prince Harry can pick up some tips?). And last, but certainly not least, the article on China Machado (image below) made me aspire to her level of sheer fabulousness. A bullfighter lover once left her for none other than Ava Gardner who was, at the time, Ms. Machado's idol. She's 81 years old and she's still stunningly gorgeous.

A collection of articles like this all in one issue would start to explain why NY Mag is one of my favorite mags. I really couldn't have enjoyed this issue any more than I did. Absolutely fabulous!

~JP Pullos

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  1. This is such and awesome (and timely) post because the one thing that I know is going to happen to you and I (since it happens to KJ and I frequently) is posting on the same thing. I was totally going to post on the amazing NY Mag. fall fashion issue but I am so glad you beat me to it because you nailed it and did it so much better than I could!

    Honestly JP, either the fashion this fall is amazing or the editors of this magazine just killed it! I have pouring over this issue since it arrived. You highlighted all my favorite parts and I also love something they do every season ... focus on the breakout trends.

    I always hate to see the end of summer but NY Mag is making me look forward to spring :)