jamie = love

If good things come to those who wait....then my wait is over---well, in terms of food, at least.

Jamie Oliver's brilliantly designed goods are available at Williams Sonoma.

The Jme Pantry Collection is gorgeous to look at....Seriously--This man knows good packaging.

I love reading his magazine and for the past year and a half I've been patiently waiting for his foods to arrive stateside.

So RUN to your local WS!.....And don't forget to proudly display his beautiful jars after you're done eating & drinking the good stuff!


Good appetite!

I super love this print from Etsy artist LuckyBluebirdArt. Wouldn't it be magnificent in the kitchen?!?!

Hooray ! An Anniversary for the 2 of the coolest kids in town.

Happy no. 7 to Laura & Joe! One of the best weddings and most fun days of my life!

...And so it starts again.....

Unfortunately I don't look as chic as this lovely Kate Spade muse this morning.

Today is the first day of classes and I'm so not ready for Fall semester. Can I just say, "ugghh!!"

I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead....All I can say is I'm so looking forward this weekend... :)


Happy Friday

Good morning everyone! I'm still alive...So sorry for not being present this week. It's been one of those weeks (although I'm having way too many of them lately)...I'll just say I've been feeling "crabby" lately...and on top of that our Univ. is starting up again next Monday---So sad work has to get in the way of other important things, don't you think? :)

The week actually started off very nicely....with a most wonderful day of crabs and picture perfect weather along the Chesapeake Bay (see crabs above....I'll just say we had a great time cracking all 13 of them)...but then it kinda went down hill after that. Just super busy at work and my brain being preoccupied by all things baby referral. Let's just say I've been on edge---I'll leave it at that.

Well, many many thanks to KP for holding down the fort... I'll try very hard to be 'alive' next week! :)

Happy Weekend!

Whew! What a week!

Bi-annual U or R booksale!

Garance Dore discovers 'espresso to-go' in Florence. To quote the always brilliant 'Sartorialist', "Can Starbucks be far behind, Italy?" (Oh and notice her awesome leather-strap bracelet. Love!!)

The class of 2014 arrives for 'freshman-move-in' day!

It's been both busy and exciting this week. But I'm very happy for the weekend! I hope all of you have a wonderful one!


Beautiful Bandaids - LCM

If you work in a library, then there is no way you go without paper cuts. I have them each and every day of my life so you can imagine how excited I was to see that Cynthia Rowley has designed a limited edition line of Band-aids! OK...this is genius...and now my fingers can be stylishly adorned even if a little wounded :)

(Via the Cut)

Bracelets are back

Not that they ever went any where, but I am loving all the posts I'm seeing about these souped-up, 'friendshippy-type' bracelets that are in these days. Back in the day (well, just a few years ago) I always used to wear this simple leather bracelet with my watch. Nobody was really wearing the layers of bracelets they are now, so there wasn't much to choose from ... now there are loads and all our shopping faves have their own variety...including this gorgeous version at Banana Republic.

Nowhere Boy

I couldn't care less that the reviews are kind of 'blah', I am DYING to see the new biopic about John Lennon's early life. What's left to say, you might ask...geez it's John Lennon...there's always plenty to say.


I saw it...

...this weekend while poking around J.Crew and instantly fell in love with this leopard patent belt. Total must have and on my fall wish list.

Blast from the past for KJ (and an ode to improvements :)

The University of Rochester isn't a whole lot different than other schools across the country, really. The students (and employees) here have the same complaints as many (most of them centering around food). Well, this summer maybe one was alleviated a little. This week, 3 months of improvements and renovations were completed at Wilson Commons (the student union) and here are the final results.

Above is 'the Pit' before (remember how grody it was KJ?)...

...and here is 'the Commons' (renamed) after !

They even added a 'Panda Express' :)
OK, I am probably still going to brown-bag it, but it's nice to know it's there!

I hate to keep going on...

But there is a really great ranking on Fashionista of the top fashion September issues. So interesting...and really no surprise. Vogue's boring Halle Berry cover ranks very low on the list as does Elle's no-risk Julia Roberts. Just as an aside, I am totally boycotting American Elle this year. It's never been a fave anyway, but any mag. that puts Kim Kardashian in a spread needs to have it's head examined.

(Even though I'm not nuts about the outfit on UK Elle, I love love Emily Blunt!)


Fall fashion keeps coming

The NY Times Magazine Fall 2010 issue is amazing...pure and simple. Pay special attention to the 'Two for the Rule' spread beginning on page 180. LCM with a bit of a 'French twist'. Simply gorgeous.

'The Day Before'

On the September 8, the Sundance channel will begin airing a 4-part series chronicling the last 36 hours prior to the seasonal runway shows of 4 top designers. Cannot wait!

Where's Katie?

Yesterday, Chris made me earn my dinner...we walked from the house all the way to the South Wedge in the city (about an hour and half walk...one way). It was worth it because he treated me to Little Venice Pizza (the best in Rochester, I think). Anyway, while we were gone apparently Wallace stopped by and was wondering where we were :)

'I'm getting in this house if it's the last thing I do!'

Major dog love

(and thanks for the pics Kris)

Hi Monday - LCM (well, sort of)

Welcome back to the work week everyone! I spent Thursday and Friday of last week at a conference so I haven't been checking in at Ooh La La Du Jour...and how I've missed you !! The workshop was terrific (met bunches of nice librarians from Cornell, Rice and Brandeis, to name a few) and learned a lot about conducting anthropological research on the work and study habit of undergrads (the U of R is super into this). Anyway, I have skads of awesome KJ posts to catch up with and while we are on the subject I wanted to post a pic of all the fabulous items I received in the highlight of the week...my KJ package!! This one was filled with goodies from her various trips and I am still having all sorts of fun finding the perfect spot for many of these items. I actually did buy a cool yellow frame and now the postcard portrait of Anna W. is on my desk at home. The delicious chocolates are long gone (delicious!) and I just had a cup of the tea (from Korea..I believe) last night! Aaaah...nothing beats a KJ package.

Anyway, I've got to catch up on all these awesome posts and do a few of my own (oh, and get some work in to :)


Aug/Sept Lonny

I've already told you how much I love Lonny....but this time (if you haven't already!) you must must go over to Lonny Magazine and view their Aug/Sept. issue. It is truly wonderful! You'll see great sneak peeks into John Derian's new Target collection, as well as a peek into Cath Kidston's home.... Truly fabby indeed!


....over these two lovlies from Mulberry for Target collection. I am going to be the first in line at my local store (or stores?!...if need be!) on Oct. 10th!
You may be wondering what I am doing online on a Sat. evening...but I'm just taking it easy after suffering from a migraine for the 2nd straight day. (big sigh).
At least I have Oct. to look forward to. :)
Good evening, Everyone!


Charlotte Gainsbourg

I think Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of the coolest girls around......Check her out at AnOther.

Also, I just saw a film of hers called I Do and it was a very entertaining drama-comedy...Check it out if you want to watch a lighthearted French film!

Hermes & Friday...What else do you need?

Not only is today FRIDAY(!)...but I just read about the new Hermes scarf website! Yikes..This is too good! I'm going to go explore now!....Please do the same.....

Oh, by the way...Have a great weekend!


Loving the newest issue of Saveur

I think we all know why! Loving all the Greek recipes!


I saw the Poketo line for Target over the weekend and it instantly caught my attention! I especially loved the umbrellas, which I'm praying will still be there when I return this weekend.

Be still.....Alexa for Madewell Ads!

Exciting news galore!!!

Yay...Alexa Chung for Madewell.

OK...Who's Excited for Mulberry @ Target?

Eagerly waiting for Oct. 10th to roll around.....

Bourdain in Rome

I hadn't seen an episode of Bourdain's in a long while when I happened to catch the most recent episode, which is set in Rome.

I absolutely loved it! This is the Bourdain I fell in love with many years ago (the 1st episode I saw happened to be set in Paris). That particular episode was fantastic because I could tell he really loved the city...and that's exactly how he comes across in the Rome episode. There's a genuine respect and love for the city and culture and it really comes through in all the scenes. The Italian dishes (esp the pastas) are the real stars of this episode and all of them looked amazing. I feel I gained 20 pounds by just ogling them on the telly. Of course this fuels my love of all things Italy at the moment and how I am just counting the days til I can plan a trip......

Catch it if you can......

Elaine & her Botticellis......

You have to go over to the NYTimes and read the fashion piece on Elaine Benes. I love it---Elaine's fashion is in vogue!

You know, this Elaine is the Elaine I love most...Not the straight-hair-b*tchy-Elaine, but the cutesy Elaine from Towson, MD. She always did have a unique fashion sense...even for the 90s....Remember that blue/brown backpack?

Long live Seinfeld!

New J.Crew Stuff

Jeez...I had to go over to J.Crew to see the new arrivals! Big Mistake!....I am in love w. the Cashmere Cocoon Popover {major swoon}. I saw this item in the sneak peek look book for fall and loved it then...Well, I love it even more now! Of course the price needs to be majorly adjusted for me to even think of buying it.

I always like to look at the color palette when fall rolls around and I like what I see so far... esp. the heather nordic blue.

Lastly, if I were to get married now I'd snatch up Noelle gown--it's perfect! I've always loved the 3/4 sleeve/vintage look and here it is now---a few years too late...Hey, maybe I could just buy the gown and throw a big party!


Film by Aronofsky-Costumes by Rodarte-Trailer totally chilling...enter 'Black Swan'

It's certainly been the buzz in film and with the trailer just released, it's not hard to see why. Let's take stock of the players...Darren Aronofsky, Rodarte, Vincent Cassel & ballet...be still my heart.

NY Mag--fashion issue

I'm really looking forward to getting the NYMag fashion issue....I'm definitely not a fan of Ms. Holmes, but her pics are quite flattering... Did you hear her new movie features wardrobe a la J.Crew?

Ms. Cassavetes

Zoe Cassavetes has a new short for Vuitton.....I think she's pretty cool..but that's already a given when your parents are ultra cool...and your best buddy oozes style.

...and speaking of cuffs

...check out this great article on Lucky.com about a new trend I LOVE! Ooh La La Du Jour is all about great detail and I think this one might be on my favorites going into fall...great, graphic lining on skinny jeans that is only visible if you roll them up. Madewell has polkadots...the Gap has birds...and I think I found another item to add to the wish list!

Who knew?!

Anyone remember the JCrew Broken-in boyfriend chinos I bought (with the birthday gift card Laura gave me) back in June? Well, I do...they've been sitting in my closet for the last few weeks. I've been dying to wear them but we've had such a wonderful, hot summer that I just haven't had the chance (hate, hate, hate pants in the summer). Today was a tiny bit cool so I am finally getting the chance to wear them. OK, no surprise...they are awesome...soft, comfortable. My new favorite pair of pants but here's the thing I didn't expect. See the pic. above from the catalog? That's exactly how I have them cuffed today and I love it!! In a million years, I never imagined I would love this look anywhere but the catalog but it totally translates.

CUTing her down

I do not watch 'The Rachel Zoe Project' on Bravo...and this hilarious blog entry on 'the Cut' is exactly why. Yeah, I know, a lot of what happens is 'good ratings' driven...it still doesn't make it ok. This post is a little long...but you'll love every sarcastic, snarky line. My fave is this commentary on 'Rachel and Brad' as they deal with 2 terrible tragedies...the crisis in Haiti and the untimely death of Alexander McQueen.

Do they say, “Oh my God, we are so blessed to have everything that we have and do the work that we do?” and enjoy a sobering moment of what really and really doesn’t matter a whole lot in life? If they did, it wasn't on-camera. But they did continue to treat putting clothes on people like they’re curing cancer".

Amen Amy Odell...I don't know you, but you are ok in my book. Watchdogs such as yourself and Joel McHale (The Soup) reassure me that I am not losing my mind.

Madewell...now I get it!

So, I have a big admission to make...I've been a little bit skeptical about Madewell. I've certainly been impressed by what seems to be the high quality of their pieces but when I peruse the items, I just haven't been able to figure out what was so unique or beautiful about their merchandise...until now. These are just 3 of the items that are going on my fall wish list. I am completely in love with the Midnight Blazer and the Brownstone, suede minibag is the must have bag of the fall for me. And how could I, Katiep, ever doubt anyone who carries infite numbers of stippy shirts, including this red-stripped, St. James version. Now granted, I have not been into a Madwell store and I do think that would have cured my lack of enthusiasm a lot earlier...so I hope you can forigve me. That said, it's all moot now because, Madewell, I am officially a fan :)

Kawaii Wednesday

Tell me this isn't the cutest thing! Love erasers...but I esp love the mushroom pot!