Sushi (without the rolling :)

I love love LOVE sushi (if you know me, you already know this :) It is 100% my 'desert island' food...I could eat it and eat it and eat it and never ever get tired of it. I love every variety...super authentic or totally Americanized. All that said, I am really not that good at making it. I don't know why...I can make lots of things but sushi just isn't my talent. Laura, on the other hand, now she's the master but when she isn't around, I usually buy it on the 'outside'. That's why I am super in love with this recipe that really goes a long way to satisfy my craving. It's everything delicious about sushi without all that skillful rolling.



  1. i love this pic and love this meal! i'm not that great w. sushi rolling myself so this might be the next best thing!

  2. You will love it. Had it for dinner last night. The sauce is delicious and it's such a light yummy meal!