Back to work...already? Weekend Love :)

After moaning and groaning about last work week being so long, I was jumping for joy as I left campus last Friday...and the weekend did not disappoint. Great weather (for the most part...Chris and I did have to walk back from the Park Ave fest. in the rain yesterday...but it was kind of fun), great friends (Kim and Peter @ James Browns Place = laughing until I cried) and great shopping (LLBean and H&M ... you are all I need in life) were the highlights of a pretty darn awesome 2 days. But now I'm back at it and I promise not to complain (too much).

I mentioned LL Bean 'cause I was there on Saturday and got the most awesome and useful khaki skirt. I don't think our store carries the Signature line but I did pick up the catalog. Have you seen it? Oh my gosh...gorgeous. As this line continues to come into its own, the pieces just get more fantastic. Their fall line for 2010 (which I think might be their first) is loaded with classic, beautifully crafted items, without the massive markup of old faves like J Crew. I'm in the market for a couple of new coats this season and the trench above is high on my list.

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