CUTing her down

I do not watch 'The Rachel Zoe Project' on Bravo...and this hilarious blog entry on 'the Cut' is exactly why. Yeah, I know, a lot of what happens is 'good ratings' driven...it still doesn't make it ok. This post is a little long...but you'll love every sarcastic, snarky line. My fave is this commentary on 'Rachel and Brad' as they deal with 2 terrible tragedies...the crisis in Haiti and the untimely death of Alexander McQueen.

Do they say, “Oh my God, we are so blessed to have everything that we have and do the work that we do?” and enjoy a sobering moment of what really and really doesn’t matter a whole lot in life? If they did, it wasn't on-camera. But they did continue to treat putting clothes on people like they’re curing cancer".

Amen Amy Odell...I don't know you, but you are ok in my book. Watchdogs such as yourself and Joel McHale (The Soup) reassure me that I am not losing my mind.

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  1. she's kind of an idiot..i've seen her show (probably from first season) a few times...and i think she's totally anorexic!