A weekend that I earned!

I am telling you, I have seriously earned this weekend. There have been so many headaches to deal with at work...not to mention the big 'paint spilling' episode that occurred at the house this week (in the end, no harm done...thank heavens). Anyway, I am just glad the work week is almost done. I knew I was in trouble when, yesterday (which was Thurs.) a colleague asked if I would be in 'tomorrow' and I realized that I had been thinking it was Friday the whole day. Ugh.

So, what are your plans this weekend. Lots on the menu here including a beloved hair cut at Maria's, brunch with Kim and a long lost friend I haven't seen in years, UFC at the new Pittsford Rookies with Chris ... and that's just Saturday! Sunday I plan to get in a bunch of Target therapy ( I have to admit that I love all the 'Back to School' and even better, 'Back to Campus' stuff...well, I like it since I am not going back to either :) Sunday afternoon Chris and are walking up to the Park Ave festival. I haven't been in years and the weather is supposed to beautiful so it should be tons of fun.

Have a lovely weekend all!

(Oh and the Chipolte logo is in honor of Friday take-out lunch today...yummy!)

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