Have a wonderful LONG weekend !!

Beautiful weather, barbequing with dear friends and LOTS of home improvement (will that garage never get done?!) are on the agenda for me this holiday weekend. I can hardly wait till that 5 0'clock whistle today so I can get to it.

I hope everyone has a stylish and delightful holiday (like the cool cats in this Shag piece :)...the unofficial start to summer. Hooray!

Road Trip! ... Happy Holiday Weekend!!!

What's on your holiday weekend agenda? It's been a long week & I am so glad Friday is finally here!

Anything special planned? or are you just taking it easy? I plan to do a little of both...I just found out that J.Crew has two (!) clearance centers in good ol' Lynchburg, VA! Where have I been all these years? Anyway, better late than never, right??? So in light of this news, I might have to modify my previous plans (which included going to Baltimore for the Aquarium (for a cool jelly fish exhibit) & feasting on crabs and instead make my way down south to Charlottesville (Monticello), some yummy southern cooking, and of course the mother of all events: shopping at J. Crew!


Madewell is now online!

I am super excited about Madewell's new online store!!! Yay! Even though I still love browsing through the actual store (cause it's super cute!), it's nice to have the convenience of shopping online!


Celebrity homes

I don't know about you, but for me, one of the most disappointing things from a style perspective is seeing the homes of celebrities. I mean, for all that money they have, they barely ever seem to have the taste to match. When was the last time you saw the interior (or exterior, for that matter) of a celebrity home that didn't include massive gold candelabra or some other such hideousness? I think that was what stunned me about this spread in Elle Decor of Meg Ryan's sophisticated and ultra-chic beach house in Martha's Vineyard. It's positively gorgeous. (Try this link for more photos).

Stripes & Polka-dots :)

Both from J.Crew and both, completely charming. Stripe and polka-dot love!

Summer Slice Series

If you haven't seen these on a million other blogs...here they are again...they are just way too good to miss. From the Kleenex Summer Slice series. So cute (and mouth watering)!

A definite pick-me-up

I hope you are feeling a bit better today Ms. M! If...well...not so much, check out this link I found on The Dieline. It is about the packaging design for the first patisserie in Mexico specializing in French macarons! Gorgeous! I would say they have definitely captured everything that is wonderful about these amazing treats in their campaign.


mission accomplished!

I finally snatched a J.Crew sweater in a shade very similar to this image...It's called dahlia! I've been stalking this "color" for over a week now and I finally found it in my newest favorite cardigan, the featherweight cotton long cardigan. And the best part....well, I think I must have bought the last one (well, for now probably..since things always mysteriously "reappear")because it's now gone! I love it! As George would say, " I'm back baby, I'm back!".... I also got the cute camera necklace from Crewcuts so I'll let you know what it looks like when I receive it.

What inspired me to look at the cardigans today was after viewing one of Bill Cunningham's style videos from NYTimes (To button or not). Oh!...how I wish I still lived in NYC! I miss seeing all the fashionable eye candy!

feeling blahhhh...

I'm feeling a bit blah today...but I sure felt a bit more chipper when I thought of my all time favorite cupcake/cake sprinkles...the delightfully cheerful confetti sprinkles. I love confetti in general--something about their festive nature and they're just so darn cute. Anyway, here's to hoping I pick myself up today....

Summer tune for the drive to work

Kind of hard not be in a good mood when you hear this tune on the car radio on the way into work...who doesn't love a little Michael on a gorgeous summer (almost!) morning :)

'New' favorite breakfast treat

I hate to say obvious things on Ooh La La Dujour...but don't you just love biscotti? It is my absolute 'new' favorite thing to have on Sunday morning with my coffee (hot or cold!) . It is that perfect combination of cruchy and sweet and there are about a zillion flavor combinations. It really just hits the spot. My favorite is the lemon chocolate chip vartiety at the Wegmans Pattiserie in Pittsford...but here is a pretty awesome and simple recipe you might like to try (especially if you love coconut :)

They just keep coming...

What is with the gorgeous espadrilles this season?! This is really a summer shoe that has come into its own. I have always loved them but have never been able to find that perfect pair. These (from JCrew) are pretty darn close. They remind me so much of the ones Gwenyth Paltrow wore in this fabulous look of a few years back (without all that wedge heel...which is what I want). Much as I don't like her, I have always thought she looked so amazing in this pic. and it was all about those espadrilles.


Vogue goes summer!

It's been a while since I've been excited about a Vogue magazine but the June 2010 issue is pretty great. Lots and lots of bathing suits and summer fashion tips, plus fabulous spreads featuring Blake Lively in her native California and Karen Elson and husband Jack White (not summery but beautiful nonetheless). Remember a few months back, I asked what all the fuss was with Ms. Lively...well now I get it. She's such an athletic California girl, but with a fashionable edge. She almost has a European look about her but then she's such a classic, American golden girl. Loved this spread (though I did notice, she kind of has the same expression in every photo...but now I am just splitting hairs :) Check it out and tell me if you don't want to hit the beach right NOW!

Sensible shoes :) - LCM

Believe it or not, when you work in a library, you spend a lot of time on your feet. This is especially true if you are doing public library duty (shelving, working at the circ. desk et al). Of course, being on your feet requires some comfortable, sensible but never style-free (of course) shoes. This isn't usually such a struggle for me in the fall and winter. Danskos, loafers, knee and ankle high boot can all be found in comfortable yet stylish varieties. For some reason,I really struggle with this in the summer when my shoe of choice is sandals. Much as I love Chacos, Keens and Birkenstocks, they always seem a bit too casual for work...on the other hand, many of the other styles are just not comfortable. But I think I finally found a happy medium in these Cole Haan Air Jordana Ankle Strap sandals. With the strappy, metallic, upper and the Nike technology cushioning, I've found 'style meets comfort' foot heaven!

Weekends are wonderful...

...and here's why...first, there is nothing I like more than running into friends and neighbors when you are going about town on the weekend and it happened, not once but twice. Saturday morning, after scraping the garage (prep for painting to come :) CN and I got hungry for some Dunkin Donuts. I was super craving my favorite iced coffee so we head over to our favorite DD and ran into my awesome friend Kim and her German Shepard, Mutumbo. It is always a treat to see both of them. Then Sunday evening, we were walking on the canal path (again) and ran into our friends Melody and Eric, at the ice cream shop. CN had already had 2 cones with 2 scoops, but when he saw those guys with their cones, he went for a third (man, where does he put it?!) Such fun to see them and catch up on all the gossip.

Of course, it's the weekend so shopping is involved. I dropped CN off for his soccer match on Sunday morning and hit the stores. I found the adorable Fifi Lipin shirt at Delia's (of last week's posts) and can I tell you, this might be my new favortie shirt! They only had large sizes so at first I was kind of bummed but it turns out that it fits great (I forgot that Delia's is for 12 year olds...that probably explains the fit :) This leads me to my new favorite store...ok, this might sound kind of dorky...I usually don't go into this store but I was trying to kill time ... boy am I glad I tried it, because I had the best time in there and I had to drag myself out. It was the Christmas Tree Shops! If you haven't been in the best way to describe it is...it's a whole store that is like the dollar section at the front Target. Oh my gosh, I got 2 pounds of shells for $2...adorable cupcake plates...and I almost fell over when I saw this...Utz Potato chips!! I haven't seen these in years! I loved them so much as a kid and they are just so nostalgic for me...so I bought like 5 bags...dangerous. Give this store a try if you happen to passing by...I can't tell you what a blast I had in there!

You know, I could go on...I mean I also bought the 'holy grail' bra that Ms. M and I ended the week discussing. Without going into too much detail, I have to say...so far so good! And I got an awesome package from Lands End Canvas with some shirts I ordered...love! So there you go, a weekend with all my favorite things...shopping that didn't break the bank, home improvement and friends. What more can you ask for?


i'm going to make your day...i've found the grail!

It's so FUNNY that you should write about the beloved Holy Grail List.....because I've been thinking about this for a good two weeks...and I'm here to share my newest find!....And I didn't want to jump the gun in reporting this..but I feel now is the time because I've "test driven" the product... OK. Are you ready? Because this is a big thing for me when it comes to bras: Bali Women's Double Support Spa Closure Wire Free Bra #3372.

It's not the prettiest bra, but it gets the job done. What do I want? Support, lift, no endless messing around w/ the straps (all day long!). Actually the straps thing is really important to me so this is a biggie. There is one small thing that bothers me...but it's kind of minor in the grand scheme of things. I would have wished the side support (the boning ) was a bit more sturdy...shall we say? Just a tad bit firmer....but this doesn't make a huge difference in the end.

I've had this bra for a good two weeks now and I found it by pure accident while I did an impromptu spree to my local outlet. I found it at the Bali/Hanes Outlet of all places...And it's only $15-$19 I think...Less than $20. Read the reviews from Amazon (although you have to take reviews w/ a grain of salt....) and buy it here if the outlet price is higher.

Now I should also say that bras are a highly subjective product and because no two bodies are ever created the same
(let's just say I'm in the "C" club)...well, you get the point....It might not work for some...but for me it's doing its job!

Holy grail item #1

You know...I would give my proverbial 'right arm' for the perfect bra. I am not sure how many times Ms. M and I have discussed this but I feel I need to renew the topic every so often because, frankly, like jeans, I am just convinced that there is no such a thing as perfection when it comes to this elusive garment. So please, I know this is asking a lot for a Friday afternoon...and feel free to ponder this over the weekend...but for the love of god, if anyone has a tried-and-true, 100% love for a particular brand, style, whatever....PLEASE let me know!!

can i be a kid...no seriously!

I might have to get this charm necklace from Crewcuts. Love anything w/ a camera!...(Do you think it'll fit on my neck? If not I'm going to have to tie this to a purse or something....I'll have to get creative!)

I left my heart...(and Happy Friday!)

I was out with a friend yesterday evening, who had just returned from a trip to Southern California...L.A. to be exact...and I have to admit, it got me kind of nostalgic for the Golden State. Years ago, I spent a few months there (anyone remember that?) and I really did kind of fall in love with it. California has that beautiful, almost Mediterranean-like climate, fabulous topography, and beaches...lots and lots of beaches. Even though I cannot see myself living there permanently (just too far from everyone I love on the east coast)...there are days, like today, when I look back on the time I spent there and feel pretty darn lucky to have had the chance :)

Hope you all enjoy your Friday and upcoming weekend...and I hope you are loving wherever you are at this very moment.

(Dazzling photo by UrbanPinkPhotography)

Reminding me of the Keys

So crazy about this simple, rather rustic fish image. I think it might look nice on the back porch. A little something to remind me of the Key Largo...sigh.

Glasses wearing glasses

You have to check these glasses out at Uncommon Goods! Not only do I love the images of glasses on glasses (!!) each one has a little phrase like,"Here's looking at you" or "What you see is what you get". Adorable!


not all created equal

Can you actually love a specific brand of...water? I think so! Case in point...Acqua Panna. Love it for the bottle design...the bright hint of orange....and oh yeah..it tastes pretty good too! Not as flashy as his more famous cousin, Evian (I still love you!)...and definitely more interesting than Poland Springs (would have been better named as Moland Springs!).....This is my water of choice when I have people over. It shows I care....but in an understated kind of way. :)

sweet & delicate...just the way i like it

Simply lovely...

oh my....Jack

OK...If I wasn't already in love with the name Jack....I am loving my latest find....English clothier Jack Wills (also, wouldn't this make a faboulous name combo?....hmmmm....)...And how cool are these glasses?

domo domination!

After buying the domo tee, you can invest in some fun time w/ these.....

The '10 Year Rule' - Rev. for 2010

For a very very VERY long time, I had a rule. I tried to follow it pretty hard and fast, and I was relatively successful. My rule was based on the idea that each and every time I purchased an item of clothing, I thought to myself, 'will I be able to wear this 10 years from now?' The principle, I think, was that I was trying to stick to purchases that were classics...stay away from items that were too trendy. I am sure it was for both practical (I don't have an endless supply of money so I am trying to get as much bang for my buck as I can) and aesthetic (I have always liked a few quality pieces over a million poorly made pieces). Over the years, I've been relatively successful with this rule...there are many things in my closet I've had well beyond 10 years and I love them as much today as I ever did. But then, I have things that I bought which violated the 'rule', that I really didnt' think I would have for many years that, surprisingly, I have! Of course there are also the things that I swore I would keep for a life time that didn't last a season. So what to do.

Well, here's the thing...the 10 year rule is no longer a rule...it's just an idea I keep in the back of my head. I think, at my age, I can trust that when I buy something, it is for the right reasons. If I followed my rule to the letter, then some of my favorite Target or H&M purchases might not have been. The fun of shopping and fashion is that while your style and taste evolve...that you have fun. Rules are hardly ever fun...and if I shop with the 10 year concept in my head at least part of the time, I think I am doing pretty well.

What do you think? Do you have a style rule? How has it evolved. Love to know :)

bikes & umbrellas....

Aren't the bicycle earrings adorable??? .... And for the day it rains...you could look even more adorable with this transparent umbrella!

more charm necklaces!

Of course the Paris charm necklace is cute....but take a look at the Tokyo charm!

Just try to stop me...

From getting this whimsical skirt! I just love pineapples and this is such an adorable print!

very lolita-ish!

I wouldn't wear these outside the house, but it sure looks cute...don't you think?

Let it roll....

Dice studs....courtesy of Topshop!

i'm still stuck on scarves.....

Refinery29 has piece on new ways to wear a scarf!....Look closely at the heart garland scarf by TopShop....I'm in love w/ it and it's sold out!!!! I guess I officially have a new item to stalk. I must must have this. (They have another one that's black so I might have to settle for this...for now) My current obsession with all things hearts is really getting ridiculous.

Sure, I like my job...but here is why it's always nice to go home...

We all like our jobs, right? Sure we do. But no matter how much you love it, there is nothing like the end of the day...when you are out of there. And while not all evenings are a blast every once in a while, you have one that is just about perfect.

Yesterday evening, CN skipped his workout at the gym ('cause it was gorgeous out) and we headed over to Shoen Place in Pittsford. We got ice cream at Ben & Jerry's (CN had his usual...2 cones with 2 scoops each!!) and walked along the Eric Canal for a couple hours. Lots of folks were out and saw lots of adorable dogs, including a 6 month old chocolate lab that looked exactly like Zeus AND a scottish terrier puppy!!)

The evening was capped with a drive home singing Barry Manilow's 'Copa Cabbana' in the car.
Don't remember that little number from the 70's? Well, here's a few lyrics...so bad it's awesome. Just try to keep from singing :)

"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha
And while she tried to be a star, Tony always tended bar"

Hope you all remember to enjoy those perfect evenings.


Well, who doesn't?!

This Domo tee from Delia's just makes me happy :) Enough said.

Don't be a doormat! (Unless it is one of these :)

I kind of love all these doormats but I'm really torn between the Tigerfish and the 'Flower market'. So cute for the front porch!

summer print scarf

An adorable printed scarf from an unexpected source I usually don't shop at...Talbots. I had heard they're trying to re-vamp their "motherly" image...and some of the items I've found are pretty cute...(case in point...these leather espadrilles)

The First Lady of France

I have to tell you ... I cannot get enough of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Today, when I got to work I noticed that (our) lastest edition of Paris Match had been updated and that she in on the cover (yet again!) of the May 12, 2010 issue. This issue is loaded with pics of her recent trip (with her husband) to China. It must be the model in her that makes her so impressive and stylish and so...perfectly put together.

Check out the picture show here. She's really so smashing.


Seriously...it is a magazine lover's best friend :)

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about a tip a dear friend (shout out to you J.p!!) gave me months ago. Maghound is an online service that allows you to bundle the magazines you would like to receive at your home for one, flat, monthly fee. For instance...I chose 3 magazines (that I would normally buy at the newsstand anyway) from their selection (in case you are interested, mine right now are Everyday Food, Dwell and Lucky). Every month $4.95 is deducted from account (frankly, I pay more in a week for coffee ... and I buy the cheap stuff from my neighborhood FastTrac on the way to work) which is pretty much nothing when you consider that 1 issue of just 1 of these mags. costs that!! They have different levels of subscription (ex. 5 mags. is $ 7.95/month etc.) so you can add on more titles that you enjoy. The other thing I love is you can change the mags. you recieve at any time AND if some of your mags. have off months, Maghound allows you to have back-up titles that you will receive while your priority choices are in hiatus.

This is a service I have been waiting for all my life! I've gone from spending around 20-25 bucks a months to 5. Love it!

almost a year old!

Can you believe it? Ooh la la...is almost a year old??? I simply cannot believe where the time has gone...let's do a countdown....shall we? June 11 here we come!!!.....How fitting it's on a Friday too! yay.....

(delectable cupcake is from Miette

Help! Call for advice...

You've heard me yammer on about the weather up here for a while and now I need some advice on what to wear for these perpetually chilly 'spring' mornings. When I leave the house for work, I always need to wear some sort of jacket (or maybe sweater, I am thinking). Lately, I've been in a rut, wearing this little quilted number I got from Old Navy a few years back ( I adore it, but I'm tired of wearing it, day after day after day). So any advice? I don't know if I want to go the jacket route 'cause I have plenty of those and always seem to get more use (in general) out of sweaters...but I am open to any advice. If you've seen something you love out there for mornings in the 50's and cool evenings...please let me know!!

This rather sumptuous sweater is by the Gap.