Not sure why it's alluring..

...all I know is I love this bamboo straw tote from Lands End Canvas. I think it is those handles that are getting to me. Check out the link to get a better view. There is just something rather sophisticated about it :)

Update: I was in the Land's End Inlet over the weekend and saw this bag (in person). I have to say, it is every bit as gorgeous as it looks in this pic but it is HUGE! This is a great bag for the beach or a picnic or even for shopping but it is really too big for a handbag. Just thought you'd like to know know if case you were going to buy it online :)


  1. i know why it's so alluring! it's the bamboo handles...it reminds me of the gucci bamboo handled handbags from the 90s (95 to be exact i think...) very cute.

    did i tell you of my new found love for lands end now? oh my gosh... i ordered a bunch of their burmuda shorts last week and i love them...plus i even got a tee and some other stuff... they're very good for basics..and so so inexpensive!

  2. I think you are right...its all in those handles. And there is just something so retro about it.

    I adore Lands End Canvas! I have got to check into those bumudas NOW!

  3. I love the handles too, gives it a real stylin look, awesome bag!