Nutso for these summer pieces

(By the way, after a day of looking at nothing but dehumidifiers for the basement and repairing garage doors it sure is nice to browse some pretty things). How much do I love these 3 casual-dressy items for the summer? These are all on my list of 'must' purchases...no fooling around...they will be in my wardrobe this summer 'cause they're awesome. I love skirts with that flounce at the bottom and this one from Athleta is the perfect mix of sporty-dressy. I have had my eye on this LOLE dress for a while and can't wait to get it. And Laura turned me on to this fabulous cabana dress from Old Navy! So simple ... and such a bargain at $15 (at the store)

Now if the weather up here would cooperate and the temp. would go above 60 degrees, I'll be all set :)


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  2. Love all these fabulous items!! I am especially loving my cabana dress from old navy, it is so cute, awesome price!