Weekends are wonderful...

...and here's why...first, there is nothing I like more than running into friends and neighbors when you are going about town on the weekend and it happened, not once but twice. Saturday morning, after scraping the garage (prep for painting to come :) CN and I got hungry for some Dunkin Donuts. I was super craving my favorite iced coffee so we head over to our favorite DD and ran into my awesome friend Kim and her German Shepard, Mutumbo. It is always a treat to see both of them. Then Sunday evening, we were walking on the canal path (again) and ran into our friends Melody and Eric, at the ice cream shop. CN had already had 2 cones with 2 scoops, but when he saw those guys with their cones, he went for a third (man, where does he put it?!) Such fun to see them and catch up on all the gossip.

Of course, it's the weekend so shopping is involved. I dropped CN off for his soccer match on Sunday morning and hit the stores. I found the adorable Fifi Lipin shirt at Delia's (of last week's posts) and can I tell you, this might be my new favortie shirt! They only had large sizes so at first I was kind of bummed but it turns out that it fits great (I forgot that Delia's is for 12 year olds...that probably explains the fit :) This leads me to my new favorite store...ok, this might sound kind of dorky...I usually don't go into this store but I was trying to kill time ... boy am I glad I tried it, because I had the best time in there and I had to drag myself out. It was the Christmas Tree Shops! If you haven't been in the best way to describe it is...it's a whole store that is like the dollar section at the front Target. Oh my gosh, I got 2 pounds of shells for $2...adorable cupcake plates...and I almost fell over when I saw this...Utz Potato chips!! I haven't seen these in years! I loved them so much as a kid and they are just so nostalgic for me...so I bought like 5 bags...dangerous. Give this store a try if you happen to passing by...I can't tell you what a blast I had in there!

You know, I could go on...I mean I also bought the 'holy grail' bra that Ms. M and I ended the week discussing. Without going into too much detail, I have to say...so far so good! And I got an awesome package from Lands End Canvas with some shirts I ordered...love! So there you go, a weekend with all my favorite things...shopping that didn't break the bank, home improvement and friends. What more can you ask for?


  1. Sounds wonderful!! The perfect summery weekend!! Can't wait to come up for a visit, I'm excited for the christmas tree shop.
    Oh snap! That iced coffee looks amazing!! Yummy!

  2. I wish you were here too! I had such fun at the Xmas Tree Shop but it would have been way more fun if you were there too!

    DD iced coffee...best in town :)

  3. Utz potatoe chips and that duncan doughnuts iced coffee would be so good together right now, don't you think, snap!! I'm still thinking about that drink!!

  4. I have been talking everyones ear off about Utz potato chips...but I won't share them with anyone!! As DD iced coffee, I am actually willing to get up early just so I can stop and get it before work. I don't know how the Pittsburghers are but the Rochetarians love their DD and every one is SOOOO busy in the morning!

  5. Pittsburghers seem to be obsessed with DD, it is always packed! They just opened a nice one in squirrel hill maybe I will stop in when I get back.

  6. Oh you have too...best iced coffee drinks ever!! They really have yummy bagels and sandwiches too...of course the doughnuts are kind of insanely yummy ;)