Better days

If you know me, then you know I am ALWAYS criticizing Greece. Gorgeous country and delicious food aside, the country has always had its...issues. But I have to tell you, my heart is breaking, watching the recent events unfold. Obviously Greece is going no where. It is one of the most ancient cultures and has been around for thousands of years, seeing its share of turmoil. All my criticism aside, I am pulling for Greece these days :)

(Photo of my mom at the Acropolis in the mid-60s...during better days)


  1. i've been following this closely and i'm very sad for greece too. i hope things calm down very soon! love this photo!!!

    i absolutely love your mom! she's so chic!

  2. Thanks Ms. M! I will stop posting pic. of my mom at some point but for the moment I am kind of impressed by her chicness as well. Mom's really can be fabulous!

    As for Greece, I just hope hope hope that they can pull it together...I am very worried.