Comeback for Watches?

These gorgeous watches were a project started on none other than Kickstarter. It's a watch band that holds an iPod Nano. How cool is that?! I'm really loving the look of these and they range from eye-popping colorful to sleek and elegant. Totally fab!

~JP Pullos


Alarmingly Well Designed

I'm absolutely in love with this alarm clock, designed by Will Vanden Vos. It looks to me like it belongs on the set of Metropolis. Each number falls down on top of the previous one like old train station information boards. The exposed gears are probably not to everyone's taste but, in the right room, this clock will really make a statement sitting by itself on a bedside stand. Gorgeous!

~JP Pullos


Beautifully Draping Beautiful Bodies

I'm loving the work of designer Haider Ackermann right now. This lovely little number Gaga wore for the March issue of Vogue is one great example but you can see others in this gallery. I can't quite wrap my mind around how someone can take a piece of fabric and create magic with it the way Mr. Ackermann does. His creations are nothing less than ethereal.

~JP Pullos


On Thanksgiving Eve

...I hope everyone has a lovely, wonderful, calorie-filled, family and friend full, Thanksgiving Day. As I say many times this time of year, eat drink and be very merry! Never forget how lucky we are to have our health and to have each other. 

I love you all...and you all know who you are :)


HAL Ten Years Late

Well, it turns out Stanley Kubrick's vision of the future is coming closer and closer to being a reality. Only, instead of our big spaceship talking back to us, it's our phones. And, of course, we have Steve Jobs to thank for this. This article by Fast Company is a great write-up on the new feature. I promised myself I wouldn't splurge on a new iPhone since I just bought the latest version but after seeing Siri on my nephew's phone, it's going to be hard to resist!

~JP Pullos


Infinity and beyond

What's not to love about J.Crew's Infinity Scarf. Must have for the season :)

The definitive coffee table book for every fashionista

Remember when the cover of Vogue magazine used to be beautiful? A work of art. Something to look forward to every month. Well, I do. I miss it. That's no secret to Ooh La La readers. That's why I'm so excited about this soon to be released book with 300 of the most gorgeous cover of American Vogue dating back to 1892. Here are a couple standout images (via Fashionista) that are superb. Above, 'Vogue' spelled out in jewelry. Smashing.
Insanely beautiful.

...and the book.


A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

I remember the first time I was intrigued by a Benetton ad. It was in 1998 and I was living in London. Those ads, having to do with HIV, were controversial at the time and Benetton hasn't slowed down since. Their current ad campaign shows various world leaders, some who wouldn't even be seen in the same room with each other, kissing. This is a reminder to me of how powerful advertising can be when a creative idea is done really well. Whether you appreciate the ads or not, it's hard to deny that they're effectively provocative.

~JP Pullos


Fading Fast on Friday

Ooooh boy...this afternoon is draaaaging. Ugh. Call it the Friday afternoon, pre-holiday preoccupation. My mind is definitely already on next week (I will be decorating the tree this time next week ... I always set mine up the day after Xmas :) But I digress...what do you do when you find yourself fading at work? I know someone who takes a break and jump starts her energy and brain by playing those smart phone games. Of course, coffee is always a great choice. Leaving early would probably be the best but alas, is impossible.  I decided to take an Etsy break...and just look at what popped up? A festive, holiday garland...made from peanuts. Adorable.  

*Garland by Raw Bone Studio

the french know how to dress the christmas windows....

 Printemps knows how to dress a window in style....The Chanel Christmas Window..... Swoon

Friday, mid-afternoon inspiration

From All Things Stylish...a beautiful combo.

Question: What is currently making me very happy?

Answer: My newly framed 'Winter Cardinal' print by strawberryluna.
...the buy a drink, get a free drink card my dear friends at the UofR Starbucks gave me this morning. Good through early January, I think I will save it for the traditional New Years Day Starbucks Chris and I have been getting the last few years :)
Thinking about my drive to Pittsburgh last week. Not that I recommend taking a picture while you are driving, but I just had to capture the beauty of my first snow of the year experience.
BIG fight night this Saturday. Chris is losing his mind because it's 'Urijah Faber' night and everyone comes out for that. Can't wait to see the gang! Have a knockout of a weekend kids!


And speaking of the classics...

Shoe Love Alert! Bass Enfield Oxfords in Gobi and Navy...actually I might need the Enfield's in every color!
...and from the Rachel Antonoff collection, Milly boots in Black...both by Bass, and both necessities.

Redemption...and the skinny jean

You know what I have love love LOVED from the moment they arrived back on the scene...skinny jeans. Maybe it's because I am a product of the 80's, a time, for those of you who remember, when skinny jeans were also a staple (anyone have a pair of those Guess? jeans with the zipper at the ankle...awesome :) Refinery 29 has a great article solidifying skinny jeans as a wardrobe classic, while also suggesting ways you can wear them all winter long. This look above is my fave. The stripped sweater, the Bass Oxfords, the watch...ooops...maybe I am mad about this because it's kind of exactly what I'm wearing today. Well, anyway, for all of you who doubted the staying power of the skinny jean...shame on you ;-)

Beautiful Black Apple Cards

I have to ask...does anyone even send Christmas cards anymore? I seem to get less and less every year even though more and more beautiful ones are available. I still love getting them so it makes me a little sad to think that this tradition might be a part of the past. Let's all try to keep it alive this year by picking out some beauties (like these fabulous cards from the Black Apple) and sending them off...just like the good 'ole days.


Handmade Arcade for the Holiday - Wrap up

As always, my weekend in Pittsburgh was a complete and total blast. So much fun with Laura and the gang. The highlight had to be (finally) getting a chance to go the Handmade Arcade for the Holidays. Held in Pittsburgh's downtown convention center with over 150 vendors, this event was definitely everything I imagined. Sort of like Etsy in real life :) There was lots of amazing stuff to peruse but my 2 favorites were...
...eLmTree jewelry...could these be an prettier ?
...and the always amazing strawberryluna. I bought a couple of items including this adorable alphabet for a friend who loves giraffes...and I have finally achieved my goal of having a strawberryluna in every room :)

another winner!

I've been a bit out of the loop lately..I didn't even realize Thanksgiving was next week!  How crazy is that?  The past few holiday seasons have been tough and I still feel like I'm in a funk...BUT I know I have to change that because the greatest joy that is my son has come into my life....and so I begin my holiday card search...and lookie here! What have I found?  Not really holiday related, but oh so love!


Have you ever found something that you were sure it was made especially for you??? 
When I saw J.Crew's Heart Me Sweater I knew I had found true love....It sounds silly (and overly dramatic, I know!)...but I literally gasped.  I've been thinking about it for days and made sure each and every day that it wasn't 'sold out' and finally just now bought the darn sweater---in two colors!

I cannot wait for them to arrive and I swear I'll do a happy dance when I see them!  

Talk about Oh La La!  :)

Happy Wednesday!..It's rainy and dreary in D.C., but I could care less at the moment......  


Saturday Pant

So, what do you all think of the JCrew Saturday Pant? Everyone knows, I love the concept of the 'weekend' outfit. These look so comfy, yet neat and stylish that they are kind of hard to resist. But I don't know...are they hard to pull off...to much like sweats. I don't think so...I kind of love them. I might choose something to wear on top that covers my booty a bit more than in this look but I have to say, I think they are pretty smashing :)

*Spotted on Oh Joy!

Minimalist branding

The Dieline has this completely fascinating article on a study done on branding of iconic products and what would happen if you stripped their extremely recognizable logos down to the bare minimum. Check out the pics in the article. What do you think? The Dieline concludes that most work best at the 3rd level ... as a minimalist, I kind of agree. In most cases, you really get a sense that the logo we all know and love is kind of overdone. Think about the Apple logo...you couldn't possibly strip that baby down any more than it is...and wasn't that what Steve Jobs was all about. Super interesting.

The Starbucks Elves Descend

If you haven't been in Starbucks in the last 24 hours, you are in for a real treat on your next visit. The store is chock full of holiday goodies (my friend and favorite Strabucks manager Benita gave me a sneak preview a week or so ago) that are so fabulous, you will want everything. I know I do :) My favorite item; the so-called 'Evolution Set' of cup ornaments, complete with this years holiday edition plus the 1971 Heritage Logo, 1992 Green Dot Logo, new 2011 Siren Log. Love!

Hehe...Wegmans makes news in 'The Cut'

You probably aren't going to see Wegmans in the NY Mag. blog The Cut too often but they recently did make news with one of my favorite fashiony sources. Apparently The Cut got wind (from Jezebel) of the fact that the latest edition of Cosmo with cover girl Adele was covered from the neck up...because she is full-figured. What the hell?!? Of course the overreaction machine went into high gear...and of course you know I am going to defend Wegmans which covers each and every edition of Cosmo...not because of the cover photo but because of the text on the mag which draws tons of complaints from parents. Gee, I can't imagine why...don't all parents want their 8 year olds to read 'Sh*t My Guy Says' and the '100 Best Sex Tips'? Frankly, I get sick of reading this stuff when I am standing in line, just trying to buy paper towels. I know Wegmans has been doing this for a while now, because unlike anyone at Jezebel, I've shopped there for 16 years. People (Jezebel, I'm looking at you) get your facts straight before you assume everyone is a misogynistic, anti-feminist loon. Ridiculous.


Less Video, More Game

I really should institute a rule against posting about Kickstarter projects once they've already gained full funding. Instead, I should be focusing on projects that actually need promoting. I can't resist with this one though. From a design perspective, this concept is a-maze-ing. Aaron Rasmussen and Michael T. Astolfi have created a game that has absolutely no visuals. The way you play is by listening. Through the sounds you hear, you can figure out where you're at in the game and find your way around the environment they've created just using your ears. How cool is that?

~JP Pullos


Stylish Ford Boys

I recently met Adam Gardiner, photographer, at a party. We exchanged websites and when I got home I was pleased to see that his fashion photography focuses on men, definitely an under-represented group in fashion magazines. And it turns out Adam's photography is divine. In this photo spread, he shot some gorgeous models looking all manner of stylish. Love!

~JP Pullos


Images From Another Era

When I first saw Robert Herman's images, a handful of them gave me the chills. Now he's trying to get a book published and, through the wonderful and amazing Kickstarter, he's raised almost $4,000 of the $7,500 he needs. Robert, I've got my fingers crossed for you. Your images deserve to have a wider audience! They're beautiful!!

~JP Pullos



Man, just too busy this week. What else can I say. I do have just enough time to mention that not only is tomorrow Veteran's Day...not only is it the rarest of numerical occurrences (the date is 11/11/11) .. it is also being recognized as 'Nigel Tufnel Day'. Those of you who have seen This Is Spinal Tap need no explanation. For those of you who haven't, NetFlix it tomorrow and be prepared to see one of the single funniest movies of all time.
Aaaand, I'm off...to PGH. Going to see Laura and the gang and I can hardly wait. We'll be hitting the Handmade Arcade for the Holidays in addition to our other standard shopping fun. Maybe we'll even see some awesome Steelers fans like these :) Have a lovely weekend all!


Old School Video

I have two amazing friends to mention in this post. The first is DJ Gatsby, a man who is an inspiration to me. He launched his DJ business just a few years ago and is soaring into the entrepreneur stratosphere faster than a rocket. The other person is David Title, a video guru friend of mine. David and DJ Gatsby just collaborated on creating a video for DJ Gatsby's website and the video is out of this world!! Check it out here! David Title is a producer for Bravo Media and their site is here!

~JP Pullos


Nail Art 101

I just spotted this on the Target fb page and I'm not sure I remember being this excited about a look for nails since I got my first bottle of Chanel Vamp back in the 90's. I've already done a post on how wonderful I think Sally Hansen Nail Strips are but I've always had my reservations about having 10 fingers full of nail art. That's what is so genius about this idea...not only do you tone down the nail art...you can really conserve those nail strips, which ain't cheap. Plus, let's face it...this is fabulous!


nothing else to say....

I definitely don't post enough lately, but I guess if I were to post anything worthwhile it would have to be this new Oh La La Kate Spade sweater!  :)

Italy Does Vogue

The November issue of Vogue is on the stands and this photo spread by Steven Meisel is truly amazing. Check out the site and watch the video that precedes the images. Just absolutely gorgeous! LOVE!!

~JP Pullos


Gotta get that look

From the always stylish All Things Stylish, this smashing watch bracelet combo. Something to aspire to, no doubt. Gorgeousness galore.
And here's my wrist today...I promise not to becomes obsessed with taking pictures of my own wrist, but this is one of my favorite combos...and in case you are wondering, yes, I'm still obsessed with this look :)

App Helps End Abuse

I already wrote once about my friend, Nancy Schwartzman, and her amazing work as a documentarian. She's continuing that work with a new app that she's created which, I'm so proud to report, has won the White House Apps Against Abuse Challenge headed up by VP Joe Biden. "Circle of 6 works by programming the contact information of five friends and creating a tight-knit 'Circle of 6' into an application in case of an uncomfortable situation or emergency. It is equipped with GPS coordinates, mobile messaging, and in two simple steps, anyone can quickly and efficiently contact a friend and alert them to their situation—raising awareness around and ultimately preventing sexual violence." Phenomenal!!

~JP Pullos


Joyeux Noël

Oh. My. Gosh. I don't need to remind you of my (ridiculous) obsession with S'mores ornaments, do I? Just look at what's new to the 2011 collection. Oh so very Ooh La La :) Anyone out there still trying to be too cool not to love these ?

Not just for the garden

Hehe...I love these :) Enough said.

The great heel debate

While you all know that we aren't super into heels here at Ooh La La (ballet flat, loafers et al are more our thing)...oh man, these pumps ... so cute :)

And in light of my post yesterday...

...from the tumblr Awesome People Hanging Out Together ... Yves and Karl

Our heros

KJ reminded me yesterday that the new Matchbook magazine is out and folks...it is fab-u-lous! Let's start with the fact that Kate and Jack Spade are on the cover with a full on interview of these two geniuses of style but the issue is just loaded with some fantastic shopping guides for the holiday and inspirational bit...like this little on the classic pea coat. Will this finally be the year that I find the one I've been longing for?