Saturday Pant

So, what do you all think of the JCrew Saturday Pant? Everyone knows, I love the concept of the 'weekend' outfit. These look so comfy, yet neat and stylish that they are kind of hard to resist. But I don't know...are they hard to pull off...to much like sweats. I don't think so...I kind of love them. I might choose something to wear on top that covers my booty a bit more than in this look but I have to say, I think they are pretty smashing :)

*Spotted on Oh Joy!


  1. i've seen this for yrs too...and wondered about them.. they do seem a bit more structured so there is NO way you'd ever look like the "girl with sweats"!! :) i think you'd look smashing with them on! a long tee or long tee and sweater combo would be great....

  2. OK, if you think so KJ...I might go for them! I really do kind of love them :)