Fading Fast on Friday

Ooooh boy...this afternoon is draaaaging. Ugh. Call it the Friday afternoon, pre-holiday preoccupation. My mind is definitely already on next week (I will be decorating the tree this time next week ... I always set mine up the day after Xmas :) But I digress...what do you do when you find yourself fading at work? I know someone who takes a break and jump starts her energy and brain by playing those smart phone games. Of course, coffee is always a great choice. Leaving early would probably be the best but alas, is impossible.  I decided to take an Etsy break...and just look at what popped up? A festive, holiday garland...made from peanuts. Adorable.  

*Garland by Raw Bone Studio

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  1. Wow, this stuff's very cute...i wish i could have some ^_^