FIFA with a view.....

What a perfect way to enjoy World Cup matches!
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sweet print

Cotton Candy Kids print set by the Blackapple...Who doesn't love cotton candy?!? I have to have this set! I'm desperately racking my brain to come up with a bambino room design....Wouldn't it be brilliant to have a candy theme?

Bass shoes

So I've "studied" this photo many many times (from a yr ago!)...and doesn't it look like Sofia is wearing Bass shoes? She's wearing the "Sharon" model....And how cool does she make these simple flats? I am partial to the "Margie" model myself and wear these every summer....but I just found the "Joanne" to be pretty cool as well. I have nostalgic memories of wearing Bass shoes as a kid (esp their penny loafers & bucs) and every summer I'll go into the outlet store and browse around for new sandals. They're comfortable, affordable, and simple....Just what I'd want in a summer sandal!

Girl Crush: Clémence Poésy

I love Clémence Poésy's style...She's French after all. It's her joie de vivre way of dressing, I think...Always a messy head, trés chic manner of wearing her frocks (Chanel anyone?)...She ranks pretty high on my cool-girls-list. Plus, I love love her name......!

black & white

Loving this look from The Sartorialist...I think it's the hints of red--lips, nails, bracelet...



I'm on the hunt for a lightweight blazer. I think this new GAP version may be it--Now I just need to go try it on at the store to make sure. I'm still kicking myself because I missed out on the shrunken schoolboy blazer from a few months back. I kept waiting for the price to go down and then I just missed my chance. I find it pretty hard to find a blazer that fit perfectly so this is definitely one of my holy grail items!

Do you know of any good blazers out there?

Update: I got the blazer..Will let you know how well it fits!


I had a pretty interesting weekend....I was sick on Saturday, which kind of threw my I am Love schedule out the door...I was so looking forward to seeing it that day, but decided against it because I felt pretty weak from vomiting (all due to a weird iced coffee and corn combo for breakfast...I figured why not have corn for breakfast?)....I had a nice day regardless, although I was pretty much in slow motion for most of the scorching hot day( I think the temps were near 100). I bought two pairs of the most fabby khakis at the J.Crew outlet for nearly nothing...and went to Borders that night to look at Euro fashion mags (again, why isn't Anna taking cues from British/French Vogue?)

Sunday was the grand day I saw my much anticipated film! Oh my gosh! It did not disappoint. They should have listed the clothing as part of the starring cast--right up there w/ Tilda! My absolute favorite outfit was the button down w/ rusty orange khakis, sandals, & the most lovely grey pearls. My god! I still swoon at the image... Also, Tilda's hair style when she first arrives in San Remo. That swoop of hair was placed just so....I was in love...I didn't even care about the story line...It could have been a silent film for all I cared. I also loved the scene where Edo brings Betta a lovely Laduree bag filled w/ macarons. Anyway, I continued to be on cloud nine throughout the rest of my afternoon because I loved this film so much.

On Monday I attended the last day of the ALA conference in D.C..... I bought so many books! I went a bit overboard because all the titles were 50%off! I even saw Nancy Pearl giving an interview when I first walked in! I worked at an ALA conference years ago when I interned for Henry Holt and I got a bit nostalgic for the olden days....The ALA Conference has changed a lot since then... the freebies are a bit toned down now.... Mostly posters, which I picked up a few for the bambino and an adorable B&N bag that says B&N Loves Librarians! It was pretty cute. I had the greatest time at the Chronicle Books booth where I saw the adorable book, Glamour Dogs (I should have bought it). All in all, I had a pretty good time.

Rare and beautiful

Over the weekend, while poking around a book sale downtown, I stumbled across this Harper's Bazaar cover (from 1962, I think) featuring Steve McQueen. You already know I find him absolutely dazzling in that rare, rugged, 'where are the leading-men like this today?' sort-of way. Well, I'm still wondering that...though the hypnotic and smoldering Heath Ledger certainly might have filled the void.

My new 'uniform'

The July '10 JCrew catalog has an outfit that I just about fell over and died for this weekend. I am officially obsessed with it. (To be honest, I think the model looks kind of dorky which is why I didn't post the actual picture...but take a look at it because, from the neck down, it's so smashing). Here are all the pieces however. Let's face it, in the end it's all about those darn Bass Loafers :) Get ready kids 'cause once I assemble all these pieces, this is all you are going to see me in! Amore :)


The Swan's Swan Song

Did you ever want to change place with a person...just for a day...just to see what it would be like to live in their shoes? For me, those shoes would have been the pointe shoes of Darci Kistler, one time protege of famed choreographer George Balanchine and principle dancer of the School of the American Ballet. In a world with endless, seamless beauty, Darci Kistler always struck me for her athleticism as much as her elegance. I'm not entirely sure what piece I first saw her perform in (it might have been 'A Midsummer Nights Dream') but I do remember wondering who the exquisitely, powerful dancer was . Darci Kistler retired on Sunday, and in a final performance...,was no doubt, as mesmerizing as ever.

(Photo by Jill Krementz)

H&M Magazine

You all know that I am always singing the praises of H&M (I mean really, who doesn't...it's the greatest!) but have you ever checked out their magazine? Talk about late to the game. I always see it in the store but I never bother picking it up because there is already too much clutter in my house. This past Saturday, however, I was out shopping (having an absolutely great time I might add...sipping my birthday Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte ... a free treat from Starbucks for joining their rewards program) ... and of course I stopped in H&M (found a fabulous, light weight open cardigan ... $12.95...love!). While I was checking out (long line!) I decided to flip through their freebie magazine. OK, it's awesome! Who knew!? It's got fantastic layouts and picture and yes, articles too! I have to say, it is super entertaining.

A weekend that starts with presents...

...is pretty much always, going to be the most awesome weekend ever. And that's exactly how mine started. Actually, after getting out of work on Friday, I went over to Wegmans and got some ingredients for what turned out to be a super delicious and easy easy easy recipe for Gnocchi with summer vegetables. Try it out because it will NOT disappoint. When I finally got home, my birthday package from my sister Laura, was waiting for me. All I have to say is 'hooray'!! I just happen to know 2 of the best 'package givers' in the world...Laura and KJ. In fact, I keep telling them they should start their own business, putting together packages as a service. Seriously, no one does it better. They always manage to put together the best selection of things that are fun yet functional. The picture above is of all the various goodies in Laura's recent pacakge. It was quite Florida-inspired as you can see and which I totally love. I could not even tell you my favorite things but I did particularly love the cupcake oven-mit, the adorable sea horse t-shirt from Target, the 'Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake' blank journal and Florida Keys key chain (which I am using for my work keys :) Such a fun package to kick of a lovely weekend.


salt water sandals

Did you wear Sun san's original salt water sandals as a kid? I never did and maybe that's why I've wanted to own a pair for years....I keep seeing them all over blogs and they come in my size...so why not, right? They're simple, yet very stylish.....plus, they come in great summer colors!

Well, since you asked ...

..the weekend on my end promises to be a mix of fun, friends, food and oh ... some work too. First up, that darn garage. Now that Chris has got it looking gorgeous on the outside, it needs a clean inside to match. Maybe I'll do some before and after shots of that too 'cause I imagine that will take all day Saturday. Chris has promised that we will get some Abbott's Frozen Custard in the evening...hooray! My new favorite indulgence.

Sunday is all World Cup all day. Kris and Dan have invited us down the street to watch Germany v. England on their awesome tv. Argentina plays right after but I am hoping for a little lunch for the 4 of us at the Wintonaire...a local restaurant, just a quick walk from home!

I hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing first summer weekend !

(And just for the record that is Cristiano Ronaldo ... my soccer crush...well, everbody's really ... pictured above :)

shopping & movies

I've made my first Talbots purchase! They were having a great sale yesterday and I bought a summer-perfect pima cotton shawl cardigan (in a lilac-y shade that's reminiscent of J.Crew's current color palette..and definitely less expensive than the colors shown online) & the fun palm tree print scarf...and the best part? They have a great rewards program! I received an extra 10% off and I get other rewards along the way...How cool is that? I think I was the youngest person in the store...but that's OK by me because that means the secret isn't out yet--better fitting clothes, a more stylish presentation overall.... I could go on. I left there a very happy camper.

I also saw Knight and Day... I know, I know... why am I seeing a Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie? You know, it's actually pretty entertaining and the locales are gorgeous...and I absolutely love the movie poster. Very 60s Bond-ish, don't you think?

What I loved most about my fun packed Thursday was that the weekend didn't even officially start yet...The best part of this weekend is going to be seeing I am Love (finally!). I cannot wait to watch this film....KP, I'll let you know how much I loved it on Tuesday.....

So what are you up to this weekend?

chunnel travels

I just booked my final destination for our upcoming trip to London in July! Now the itinerary is all set.....I'd been debating whether we'd do a jaunt through the rest of England, while we're being based out of London, but I decided to go another route.

I'd already planned a mini day trip to Paris, but I've decided to go for a day trip to Brussels as well! I'd been through Belgium before, but never stopped off at the capital city...I can't wait to feast on mussels, frites, & yummy Belgian chocolate! I will definitely bring you back souvenirs, KP!

Now only if mid-July would roll around sooner......(sigh)

Yummy summery drink

Love iced tea? Love Chai? Definitely try this recipe for Creamy Chai Iced Tea. In a word...delicious.

Gift card shopping on a Happy Friday!

Last week, I was given not 1 but 2 perfectly timed gift cards...one from my new friends at DSW and one for my birthday, from my wonderful sister. Boy, are e-gift cards the greatest invention ever, or what?! Well, I thought you might like to see my purchases :)

From DSW, I got these adorable patent leather sandals from Me Too. I have been wracking my brain trying to find some just like these. I love them already! Since the kind folks at DSW (thanks Kelly and Hernan!) gave me a gift card, I decided I could afford to get a second pair, so I also purchased the BCBG Paris Magie Flat. I couldn't find an image but check out the link. They look to be the perfect ballet flat...a definite holy grail item :)

Next on the list was JCrew...where to begin right? Well, thanks to Laura's oh so generous gift, here is a little taste of the items I picked up...some that I've been wanting FOREVER!

Friday...shopping...does it get any better!!


J'adore Bill Cunningham!

I went to see Bill Cunningham New York today and had one of the best afternoons in a long time! It was quite nice to leave work early & trek out to the beautiful AFI Theatre....Even though it was nearing 100 degrees, I was super enthusiastic about the documentary I was about to see....and boy was I impressed! This man is absolutely adorable. His mannerisms, his own Bill-isms(calling a grown woman "child" & friends "muffin"....), his love of street fashion... I could go on & on...I actually cried twice during the film. Did you know he was presented the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French Ministry of Culture? My god, this man is the most humble person I've ever encountered...I hope he lives to 100! because I can't imagine the NYTimes Styles section without him! For years, the first thing I'd look at when I reached for my Sunday Times was the Styles section and his photo collage...Of course we now have the pleasure of hearing his voice in the video segments each week, which I hope he continues to do for many years to come. I hope this film gets picked up for national distribution (as of yet the director & producer were still hoping!)....I really want you to see this, KP! I know you'd love it too...

Latest obsession

(You knew this was coming Laura)...my latest food love...Pure Silk Almond. For me, the perfect substitute for milk. Find it where you buy soy milk et al. In a word...yum! (And I kind of love the package too :)

It's baaack (but did it ever really go anywhere?)

So this is a post with an assignment. It has to be because I cannot find the piece from the July 2010 issue of Vogue online (at least not yet) and it's too fabulous not to chat about. The next time you are around your issue (and sadly, I don't have mine in front of me) flip to the back and check out the article waxing poetic about camel. OK, I automatically know it is going to be a great Fall collection when the powers that be are going gaga over camel. I love this little piece in particular for the outfit they put together...specifically a camel skirt and sweater from Talbots with a thin animal print belt (Ann Taylor, I think) and smashing red bag. Seriously, fashionistas are already twittering about the Talbot sweater/skirt set so if you love them...you may want to start stalking them now! I really don't know if there is anything I love more in fashion than camel with boldly, beautiful accessories. Love!

(Of course the Sartorialist was already all over camel via Europe months ago :)


Birthday weekend...a recap...complete with soccer, tennis, friends, food, presents and too much birthday cake!

So I just had the most fun birthday weekend! This is the first time in my life that I've taken the day off of work to celebrate my birthday and I think I started a new tradition. As KJ, so wisely once said, 'you didn't work on your first birthday...why would you work on any others?!" So true KJ! Saturday I had a blast at the book launch party for my great friend Kris' artist book 'Things I Wanted to Tell You". I walked away with a signed copy of the book and 3 prints. I am working on hanging them in the dining room (pics to come). So great to see old friends that have moved away...it was smokin hot that day but it just added to the generally wonderful party.

When I got home there was little package waiting for me...a Kate Spade package I might add. Of course it was a gorgeous gift from the always too generous KJ. You can't even imagine how much I love my new idiom bangle bracelet with extremely appropriate 'Clean Slate' engraving. I can't imagine a more wonderful gift! Thank you so much KJ. Actually everyone was too generous. Adriane got me the most adorable cupcake mug...and Laura...well, how are you going to go wrong with an e-gift card to JCrew.

I included a few other pics...Chris finished the garage which looks fabulous. And since he finished, he rewarded himself by playing some soccer with his buddies (here he is cleaning off his cleats :)

The weather was wonderful all weekend...thanks to everyone who made this another amazing birthday!

Eye Candy

I know you've seen them...Prada's Postcard sunglasses. A limited edition for summer 2010....I just read in VF that all the fashion editors fell in love w/ them when they first previewed...Six shades inspired by six different cities...Love them!

Todd Selby + LV

Journey of a Man's Wardrobe....shot by Todd Selby

in a decorating mood

I think my bedroom is in a style funk at the moment so I decided to change some things around...I started by buying this new West Elm chair at the store...It's funny how I gravitate towards white because I had originally set out to buy something other than white...but I just can't stay away. We have a desk in our bedroom, which I'm generally not a big fan of but it couldn't be helped (something to do w/ routers for computer) and it's been a huge eye soar for me for the past few years. I ignored the problem by ignoring the desk and one corner of the room, but now I just need to make it "better"....So I'm planning on changing things up a bit by creating a big picture wall....

I coincidentally received a fall preview catalog from West Elm last night and saw some great silhouette prints/pillow so I purchased them right away...I never pass up on free shipping! I know it's shameful to say but I'm looking forward to fall again...I've been seeing fall previews for a few different brands and I'm really liking what I see.....It's always fun to re-create a space, isn't it?