Feeling bookish ... maybe it's LCW :)

The book,Obsessive Consumption just fascinates me...pure and simple. Kate Bingaman-Burke documents (through amazing drawings) everything she purchased for 3 years! Aside from being so very entertaining to look through, it really drives the point home...that being, we purchase A LOT of stuff.


  1. i love her work too! and yes...i was just thinking this at this moment! do i *really* need the dress that just went on sale?

  2. The book is so interesting, in part because she seriously does look at EVERYTHING she purchases...right down to 'necessities'. It made me wonder about even those so-called items and do I really *need* them also. And you know me...if they put something, even as simply as toothpaste, in a shiny new package, I feel compelled to try it.

    I so hear you on those sale items...it's like, if they put a reduced price on it, it becomes a must have. ugh!!!! is right!