Birthday Week ;)

It's kind of a running joke with Laura and I, that the week of June 19 and 21, is 'Birthday Week'. No, we don't go in for those day-long celebrations...we like to stretch out so every day for 7 days, is an excuse to have fun. And why not?! Laura's birthday is June 19 (so was my Dad's!!) and mine is the 21st. Additionally, there is the 1st day of summer to consider...that is a celebration in itself!

Here's a few photos to get the week started...one of my mom(that's my wonderful grandfather in the background), cutting my cake on my very 1st birthday (apparently I slept through the fun :) and the other pic. is my 6th birthday. My mother got me the most fabulous cake that year...it had huge pink roses shaped in a letter 'K'. I never forgot it...and interesting little foot note to that party...every little girl there, besides me, had a name that started with an 'L'...including my own baby (at the time) sister, Laura.

Adorable birthday banner by Lovetheday


  1. love the photos...wish i was at your 6th bday party! looks like fun...and a what a lovely cake.

    i say even a month long celebration should be in order! a week's too short! i'm all for the b-day week. i've been known to ask for another week after the bday week was through!

    i sent you a small goody today...i hope it gets there in time! i think you'll like....

  2. You shouldn't have KJ!! But I am super excited...since you did ;)

    Laura is totally about a month long celebration...again, why not!?!