H&M Magazine

You all know that I am always singing the praises of H&M (I mean really, who doesn't...it's the greatest!) but have you ever checked out their magazine? Talk about late to the game. I always see it in the store but I never bother picking it up because there is already too much clutter in my house. This past Saturday, however, I was out shopping (having an absolutely great time I might add...sipping my birthday Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte ... a free treat from Starbucks for joining their rewards program) ... and of course I stopped in H&M (found a fabulous, light weight open cardigan ... $12.95...love!). While I was checking out (long line!) I decided to flip through their freebie magazine. OK, it's awesome! Who knew!? It's got fantastic layouts and picture and yes, articles too! I have to say, it is super entertaining.

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  1. you know, i have to say i never looked a the mag either... will have to go and pick it up!

    i don't go in there nearly as often as i should...