A Vogue to look forward too...

Check out some of the pics from what is sure to be one of the best issues of Vogue (July) in 2010. Marion Cottilard, you can do absolutely no wrong.


  1. loved the video feature w/ her.... i'm still waiting for my stupid issue to arrive! i hate seeing the newest issues on newstands before getting it as a subscriber!

    now i'll have high hopes for this issue.. i've noticed june/july can be good months for vogue--short in content but sweet on substance!

  2. I know...I haven't received mine either. VERY annoying.

    So true about June and July...it's always been my feeling about Jan. too. They're quality not quantity!

  3. oh! january..that's a nice bonus month---i think they have the thinnest issue but the content is quite decent!

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