a must read!

I am so excited that M. Sasek's This is Cape Canaveral has been re-issued! Yay! Now it's called This is the Way to the Moon...My parents used to take me there every year when I was a kid and now I'm hoping it stays open when the shuttle program ends (I have to buy a space suit for the little one!)


  1. Such an adorable post! You Florida girl you! How amazing are these books...I never ever saw the one for Cape Canaveral.

    Did you ever go to Cocca Beach?

  2. oh! yes....cocoa beach...it was quite close to us... i get a little sad when i think of all these places...

  3. I know KJ...there is always some hint of sadness to me when it come to Florida. Even though I adore it so much and never hesitate to go, my dad loved it too...hence the sadness...but just a little ;)

    I only ever went to Cocca beach once...of course we stopped at Ron Jon. I still have the shirt!

  4. By the way, I'm heading back to the Keys in July. I cannot wait!

  5. oh! how cool that you're going back to the keys in july!!! when is it? just wondering if we'll both be away at the same time.

    i'm leaving on july 20th...getting back on july 28th.

    ron jon...oh man! you know, i see so many cars w/ the stupid sticker.

  6. Oh my god...that was why I had to go and HAD to get something. I could not put one of those stickers on my car...but I did get a shirt which, even though I have probably worn once, I will never ever get rid of.

    I think I will be going the week before you. Long live Ooh la la dujour ;)