Gift card shopping on a Happy Friday!

Last week, I was given not 1 but 2 perfectly timed gift cards...one from my new friends at DSW and one for my birthday, from my wonderful sister. Boy, are e-gift cards the greatest invention ever, or what?! Well, I thought you might like to see my purchases :)

From DSW, I got these adorable patent leather sandals from Me Too. I have been wracking my brain trying to find some just like these. I love them already! Since the kind folks at DSW (thanks Kelly and Hernan!) gave me a gift card, I decided I could afford to get a second pair, so I also purchased the BCBG Paris Magie Flat. I couldn't find an image but check out the link. They look to be the perfect ballet flat...a definite holy grail item :)

Next on the list was JCrew...where to begin right? Well, thanks to Laura's oh so generous gift, here is a little taste of the items I picked up...some that I've been wanting FOREVER!

Friday...shopping...does it get any better!!


  1. love all of your purchases!!!!! love the shoes.. i've been hunting down my favorite shoes from the DSW site today as well! i might have to get your shoes though! they're simply adorable... and of course i'm also going to give the kelly & katie line a try too!

  2. Thanks KJ!! The DSW card could not have come at a better time because I have been sorely in need of new summer shoes...and I am just nuts about this pair from Me Too. they look comfortable and perfect! Of course when I saw the BCBG flat I knew it was show love and I could not resist.

    As for my JCrew purchases...need I say more...all basic that have been on the need/want list for ages!

  3. Oops...I meant 'shoe' love :)

  4. love everything you got...seriously..i'd buy every one of those items myself! (i love the totes..i have several already and i can't seem to stop buying them... they're excellent for chugging library books!)

  5. I can't believe it's taken me this long to buy the tote. But really I haven't bought from JCrew in a while and I figured I would get the tote the very next time I ordered (since they never have them at the store). I am so glad you like my purchases...totally validates them for me :)

  6. i've been quite naughty and have purchased from jcrew each and every week for a while now...and i MUST stop! i've vowed to stay away until my trip..well, except for maybe a sweater or two in preparation for the trip. (so so bad!)....
    i really do think it's gotten out of hand lately.

  7. oh! forgot to mention... you must let me know how all the purchases turned out! want an update!

  8. You will definitely be getting an update as the packages roll in. I can hardly wait!

    Serioulsy KJ, I would be ordering from JCrew everyday too...if I had the cash. It's just not there these day...what with all the summer home improvement. Oh well, at least the house will look stylish.

    But thanks to Laura, DSW and YOU (for my smashing new Kate Spade bangle...which I am obsessed with)...I can give the house a run for it's money :)