A perfect evening

It really doesn't take much to make me happy....I've been having a super evening and it was all unplanned! Those are the best, aren't they? We went out to eat (where I had a very yummy eggplant parm sandwich--a personal fav), stopped off at a local toy shop where I picked up some wacky (but cute!) Japanese erasers. Notice the three little molars on the bottom yogurt cups? There's the happy tooth (it's actually smiling!), the worried tooth that has a bit of decay, and then there's the absolutely terrified tooth (w/ full on decay!)...Hilarious, I say! The 2 piggies on top are pretty adorable too so they had to be had as well! I finally found the Yoplait Greek Yogurt! Our local Wegmans (I've checked all 3!) don't carry them...I finally found it at Harris Teeter!...I'm dying to try it out (Is it any good, KP?) And finally I bought the Starbucks Insulated Cup with Straw(btw, my cup was only $12.95 but the Starbucks website doesn't seem to sell it at the moment)! I've been wanting this thing for ages...I can finally sip my morning iced coffee in style & save the tumbler for my afternoon iced teas while at work.... I'd say all in all I had a pretty decent evening!


  1. Amen KJ!! The best times are totally unplanned and this evening sounds just lovely! The erasers are hilarious...totally want them.

    You know, I did finally have the Yoplait Greek yogurt. I have to agree with Laura that it's ok...Dannon has its own version (seriously there is a Greek yogurt industry now) that is actually very good. A nice substitute when you don't want to pay the high Fage prices (high but worth it :)

    Let me know what you think.

  2. i just tried the yoplait and i'm very disappointed. there's no punchy kick! no tartness at all! oh well.. i only bought three... i only got them because i couldn't find the 0% fat fage! of course i just noticed in our work room refrig that i have 2 fages that i'd totally forgotten about!

    you know, i was avoiding all the other greek yogurts because they were from american companies..and i guess i was right. BUT maybe i'll give the dannon a try, esp since you think it's good.

    well, i'm glad i finally tried...i've been dying to get it ever since you posted about this a long while back!

  3. Laura and I agreed that the best thing about the Yoplait yogurt is the ad campaign but they are going to have to improve it because right now, it doesn't taste any better than the regular stuff.

    The Dannon really is pretty good. By the way, have you noticed how late to the mega-Greek yogurt game Wegmans is. I mean they had to be one of the first to have Fage but they don't have any of the other. Another one that is very good is 'Chobani' (I think that's it). Publix has it and it's darn good.

  4. maybe wegmans thinks that fage is the best so they're not bothering w/ the rest. i noticed they carry the stonyfield greek but again..i think it's actually more expensive or nearly the same as fage so i say, why bother?

  5. I had the same thought! Maybe Wegmans just doesn't want to carry these inferior version. You are so right, they do carry the Stonyfield farm variety (so true...for the price just get Fage) and some other ridiculously expensive version. When all is said and done Fage is where it's at.