flips & football....

Aren't these Havaianas great? I love the England pair! The official countdown to World Cup is around 8.5 hrs away... Quite exciting, I say!

Note: Korea is playing Greece on the 12th!


  1. Oh I got an email about these a few weeks ago. They are so cute...but they don't have Greece otherwise, I would totally have gotten them.

    The Greece/Korea match is Saturday morning at 7:30 am on ESPN. Chris made me set his alarm 3 days ago!

  2. this is fantastic!! i have a greece pair that i got in athens...i just forget to wear them.. i do love the little flag though!

  3. So jealous of your 'Greece' pair :)

    Personally, I think Chris is a nut...but I suppose that is what the WC is all about :)

  4. my mom watches matches in the middle of the night---