in a decorating mood

I think my bedroom is in a style funk at the moment so I decided to change some things around...I started by buying this new West Elm chair at the store...It's funny how I gravitate towards white because I had originally set out to buy something other than white...but I just can't stay away. We have a desk in our bedroom, which I'm generally not a big fan of but it couldn't be helped (something to do w/ routers for computer) and it's been a huge eye soar for me for the past few years. I ignored the problem by ignoring the desk and one corner of the room, but now I just need to make it "better"....So I'm planning on changing things up a bit by creating a big picture wall....

I coincidentally received a fall preview catalog from West Elm last night and saw some great silhouette prints/pillow so I purchased them right away...I never pass up on free shipping! I know it's shameful to say but I'm looking forward to fall again...I've been seeing fall previews for a few different brands and I'm really liking what I see.....It's always fun to re-create a space, isn't it?

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  1. Isn't it funny how you can tolerate unfinished etc. parts of your home only for so long. Then you simply must do something. It sounds like you are of to a very good start. Any decorating that begins with West Elm is bound to be lovely. Love the chair...you know, in a way, it looks a bit like a silhouette. It's so gorgeous.
    And as for silhouettes...I could not love them more. I actually thought about making them the decor of those pesky cabinets by my fireplace but decided on shells because they were a bit more cheerful (to me at least). That said, I have silhouettes everywhere and these in particular are amazing. Great find!

    As for looking forward to fall...well, I have to admit...I'm loving every minute of summer so far and fall feels wonderfully far ;)