Where I work - LCM

You might remember that this Friday, June 11, Ooh La La Dujour is celebrating its 1st Anniversary! Hooray! KJ and I have been having loads of fun posting. We've both had our ups and downs this year but the one wonderful constant was knowing that we'd hear something new and cool from each other.

To celebrate this anniversary birthday week, I thought I would try to reveal a little bit about myself each day, not just through favorite things, but through some of my favorite places and people in my life. Today on LCM, I thought I'd send a couple pics. of my cube at work. I try to surround myself with stuff I love...at work and home :)


  1. This is fantastic! Thank goodness one of us is always on top of things...I am so lame! When did I say I would do this? (in my own defense I did take camera phone pics of my cube in all its glory...but haven't done much else besides making one of the pics into my phone wallpaper!) Anyway, I will promise to bring in my camera tomorrow and take pics.

    You know, now I have to go through the pics w/ a fine tooth comb and see very lovely thing you have hanging and laying around...

    You'll think my cube walls are a mess because it's just filled w/ clippings...

    OK..! great way to start the week....

  2. Thanks KJ! I have to say, I took these with my camera phone too. That's probably why they are kind of blurry but I figured you would get general idea. I have one more I am going to add to this post. I didn't yesterday because, well, the pic is REALLY blurry but again, I think you get the general idea that my cube is more about aesthetics and less about well, work :)

    Anyway, you haven't been lame a day in your life so don't even go there. I think I was just bored yesterday...and I do think our 1 year anniversary is quite the event!

  3. i am so digging the cupcake artwork (of course!), the snow globes(those would be "taken" from my cube overnight..we have a slight theft issue around my cube...), i love the vail colorado photo...all your travel memorabilia...i think it's fantastic that this cube says SO much about YOU! don't you find most cubes to be be just b-l-a-h??

    oh, this only makes me wish we worked in the same place! we'd be twins! (big sigh)

  4. I have been told MANY times that I have the best cube in the building because there is just so much to look at. You can't see it but I around the other side of my cube I have a framed photo by Chris, Wayne Thiebaud's 'Cakes' and a drawing of the Eiffel Towe by Raoul Dufy. I could not work in any other way. All these things make me feel at home.

    Next up is my desk at home. I forgot to take pics last night but will do it tonight since you don't think the idea is totally silly!

  5. Oh, and ... double sigh. We would be quite a pair if we worked together :)

  6. oh! i love my desk at home.. i've actually taken many photos over the years of my desk..very strange, isn't it? i just think it's cheery!

    i cannot wait to see yours!!!

    oh, this is really making me wish I carried around my camera more often...(which is something i've been trying to do for years!)

  7. Well you are a major step ahead of just owning a camera. Do you believe I am completely reliant on my phone...yikes!

    I cannot WAIT to see you desk(s)!! I have a feeling that once I see them, I will completely revamp mine to copy yours. My desk at home is still pretty new...and I have to share it with Chris (who seems to go out of his way to make it look more tacky...but that's another story :)

  8. hey, on the top photo, you have a pic of a woman who was featured by the sartorialist, right? she's holding a bright red alma(i believe) patent leather LV bag. love it!

  9. Yes! Good eye KJ. That woman not only made it onto the board and work, she is on the inspiration board at home and at some point, on this blog. I just loved her!