More (the magazine)

Have you ever looked at More? I always assumed it was a mag for older ladies, but I started looking at back issues at my local library and became impressed w/ the contents. It is touted as a magazine for women over 40 and they do seem a tad bit obsessed w/ the image of women over 40 and how that image is constantly changing (and for the better!). I haven't turned 40 yet, but I do have a huge thing w/ that number..It's neither good nor bad---Just kind of confused about what my forties will be like....(anyway that's a different topic)

What I really like are the covers. There are some really good ones out there...Take for instance a recent issue w. Dana Delaney on the cover. Now who has thought of DD in recent years? I know I haven't! The last time I thought of her was when she starred in China Beach on ABC! But that cover...It was fantastic--she looked so luminous. The articles aren't half bad either and the features are pretty good. Take a look at it when you go to the library next time! I haven't committed to a subscription, but I think it may be in my near future.

PS: I forgot to mention more about the layouts---Take a look at their love of fonts when you're browsing the issues....They seem to really have a thing for variety.


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  2. i wanted to watch this show but totally forgot! thanks for reminding me. don't you adore betty white? she'll be a golden girl forever!

    seriously, take a look at all the back issues.. i've been going through them for the past 8 months or so and i really like this magazine.

    yes, you're right--every birthday is a blessing.

  3. (Ugh...just accidentally deleted my 'comment' so here we go again :)

    This post could not be more timely because I have been going back and forth a bit on whether or not to start reading this mag. So glad it get the thumbs up KJ because I always love a new read. And I am in my 40's (so to be 43) and I couldn't care less!! In light of recent events, every birthday is a wonderful thing as far as I am concerned.

    You know I was actually thinking last night about how lucky we are to be living in an era that loves women in their 40's, 50's, 60's and on. There are such amazing images of women in these age groups that it's hard not to be inspired. These thought weren't coming from nowhere...my birthday certainly is on my mind but I also happened to be watching that new show on TV Land 'Hot in Cleveland'. I mean I already love Wendy Malick and Jane Leeves and while the jury is still out on the quality of this sitcom, it was pretty darn awesome to see this cast of great looking women!

  4. I'm a Golden Girls fan from the original days...the orginal 'Sex in the City' girls and Betty White is just amazing. I love her in anything and everything she does...and she's almost 90!!!! Go Betty!