Well, since you asked ...

..the weekend on my end promises to be a mix of fun, friends, food and oh ... some work too. First up, that darn garage. Now that Chris has got it looking gorgeous on the outside, it needs a clean inside to match. Maybe I'll do some before and after shots of that too 'cause I imagine that will take all day Saturday. Chris has promised that we will get some Abbott's Frozen Custard in the evening...hooray! My new favorite indulgence.

Sunday is all World Cup all day. Kris and Dan have invited us down the street to watch Germany v. England on their awesome tv. Argentina plays right after but I am hoping for a little lunch for the 4 of us at the Wintonaire...a local restaurant, just a quick walk from home!

I hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing first summer weekend !

(And just for the record that is Cristiano Ronaldo ... my soccer crush...well, everbody's really ... pictured above :)


  1. world cup! of course... korea is playing tomorrow so we're all very excited too....

    good luck w/ the garage! so brave of you to dedicate your sat. to this! (makes me feel guilty about not keeping up w/ my own garage...)

  2. I'll be rooting for Korea!! Greece is out...big shock right...but I'm excited for the US game of course!

    Oh and I forgot to mention Wimbledon!! Oh my gosh, my favorite tournament of the year!

  3. Don't give me too much credit for the garage...it's been a long time coming and I just can't face it anymore.