What's your Seinfeld horse name?

It's 4 min to 5 on a Friday afternoon but I could not leave for the weekend without this one last post. In what may be the funniest local contest I have ever heard about, our NBC affiliate here in Rochester, WHEC, is running a contest asking people to give their favorite Seinfeld 'horse name'. Presumably this is to commemorate the 2010 Kentucky Derby which is running this weekend. I don't really care what reason they contrived to have this contest, it really just made my Friday afternoon!

My favorite...oh come on...it has to be 'Prickly Pete' ala George Costanza :)

Have a great weekend all!

Never too early...

...to start thinking about the Tour de France! And as always, I'll be pulling for my hero to end all heroes, Lance Armstrong.

This one's for you Joe!

(Wonderful print by Wayne Pate spotted on A Cup of Jo)

How many, is too many?

A couple years ago, Old Navy had these awesome tees. They were super flattering with nice, light-weight fabric and an adorable gathered, ballet-scoop neck line. So back then, I stupidly only bought one. I proceeded to wear the ever-loving heck out of it and vowed that if the shirt ever returned, I would buy it in every single color. So here we are...a few years later and slightly different but no less wonderful version of my favorite shirt is back. Not going back on my word, I have already purchased 4 of them...so I ask...if you love something (and we are talking $12 here) can you ever have too many?

I'd love to know about a favorite item of yours...one that you can't stop buying in every color, shape and size :)

we are happy to serve you

Who doesn't equate this brilliant design with NYC?


Killing me!

How completely awesome is it that Karl Lagerfeld (of all people...'Mr. Vanishing before our eyes', he's so skinny) has teamed up with the folks at Coca-Cola and made these limited edition Coke Light packages. Karl Lagerfeld will always be the genius who totally annoys me...but as usual, I am mesmerized by his work.

Spotted on The Dieline


this is me!

I can't believe what I'm seeing...un-hemmed jeans! I'd worn my jeans this way for as long as I can remember. My mom hated me with my jeans! Seriously, it drove her crazy when she saw me in my tattered jeans....and I just always thought that I was "ahead" of the trends... I don't think this really caught on..but I'd see it once in a while. I think I used to just snip/cut & wash (for the frayed look) because I just hated the whole process of taking it in to the tailor & then waiting, etc....Well, last fall I finally started taking my new jeans in to have them properly hemmed & my mom finally breathed a sigh of relief! I like the clean look too...no complaints here...but I'm thrilled to see this look and it's shot by Garance Dore!

oohhh!!! such a lovely chanel bag

OK...I love this Chanel bag...This is exactly how I'd wear it. {Sigh!}

Always wanted to visit...

Sydney & Melbourne...and now I see it everywhere in blogs, travel sites...Did you know it takes a good 26 hours to get to Sydney?...and I thought 13.5 hrs was long! I see this as a sign....There are some great fares at the moment...hmmm....

{lovely shot by Garance Dore}

Geeky Me

For the literary geek inside me.....

stalking a blazer

So I've been stalking this Gap shrunken schoolboy blazer for a while now...I tried it on at the store and it seems to be a pretty good fit--Obviously not as nice as the J.Crew version but it's a pretty decent second. Once it goes on sale, I'm making it officially mine!

i'm thinking summer.....

Espadrilles are very summery, aren't they? Cute pair from the Gap.

the perfect chain

I found the most perfect beaded chain from Tiffany. It's 20 inches long but there are longer lengths if you so desire.

Obsessed with LV

So one of the things I noticed while traveling around Seoul is that Korean girls are just as obsessed with LV purses as the Japanese girls....I think even more so! If I had to make a guess, I'd say LV sells half their merchandise to Korea alone!!! And the bag of choice (from my informal mini survey) is
the Neverfull Damier...Now, I've been wanting this bag for a good year and a half and I finally caved when I got back home! I love love love this tote. I know I've said this about my other bags and I still covet those too (I've decided each design has its own personality)...but this one is so cool because of the red lining inside...Plus, this is the first LV I've purchased in the Damier canvas. It's nice to have change, non?

This great photo is from Oh Joy! & it displays LV's current window display....They had the same window displays in Korea too...but the balloons were red. Very cute indeed...We stayed in a great resort on the Island of Jeju and they had their own LV store inside the resort. See what I mean about hard core fans?

Wanted: Traveling Partner to Paris

This shirt says it all. I'm a little bummed out because I really wanted to go to Paris this summer but none of my family wants to go...Don't you hate it when you know you should be happy, but you just aren't quite there...or you're just feeling a bit too restless? I think I have nervous energy and can't possibly deal with the months I have to wait while I'm officially in line for a baby referral. Maybe I was meant to be a traveling wanderer...I'm never content with staying in place...BTW, I'm wearing my silver Eiffel Tower earrings today. At least I feel très chic !


Amazing new book

I am such a fan of Isabel and Ruben Toledo and the new book Isabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside Out is about as gorgeous a book as I have seen in a long time. I am so torn on what I love more...her designs or his drawings of her designs. They are such a mega-talented couple...the 21st century version of Alfred Stieglitz and Georgie O'Keefe.

So refreshing!

I am all about things 'Florida' and citrus inspired these days and this little wedge-of-lime coin purse from Kate Spade is really quenching my thirst. So cute!

Cutie pie camera case

When you spend a jillion dollars on your phone, you need a way to keep it well protected. These little honey's (from Soulrun) are perfect in everyway. Waterproof on the outside...soft and safe (fleece-lined...genius!) on the inside...you will never have to worry about your precious and beloved iPhone or digital camera when it is stowed. And they are so darn good-looking too!

Must have

I was poking around the mall this weekend (actually, I was on a mission to find those adorable earring from Forever 21 that Ms. M posted about a week or so ago...so cute!) and of course I had to take a swing through JCrew. I ended up with this fabulous Max and Molly tee that I am so crazy about it. I am telling you, this pic does not do it justice. It is so beautiful and whimsical and I can't wait to wear it (assuming it ever become spring around here...it's snowing this morning).


Ending the week on one last *yummy* note

If you love a delicious burrito or quesadilla now and again (or if you are me...pretty much every minute of the day) you have GOT to try La Banderita flour tortillas. So good! Laura and I found them in the Publix in Key Largo and I loved them so much I bought an extra bag, packed them in my suitcase and brought them back to Rochester (only to find out that Wegmans has them...thank goodness!!!)

Thrilling anticipation

Some weeks ago I posted about a gorgeous movie poster I saw for the film I Am Love. Well, now I can barely contain how excited I am to see this piece. There is an article in the May 2010 issue of Vogue about costume designer, Maria Connarozzi's and the elegant Jill Sander-exclusive wardrobe she chose for the lead actress Tilda Swinton. And as if the lush poster, fabulous costumes and thoroughly enticing plot-line were not enough, check out the trailer. It is screening at next weekend's 360/365 Film Festival. The only question...how do get out of my volunteering duties to see this film. Hmmmm.....

Pier 1 Fun

I promise to stop talking about my recent vacation but I could not resist one more mention. So while I was away, Laura and I stopped in Pier 1 (after Laura sent out a bunch of orders for her Etsy shop Soul Run). I can't tell you the fun we had there. We both walked out with a bunch of stuff (gifts for ourselves and others) and each of us had a wish list of things we still wanted. Here are a couple of items from 'purchased' and 'to-be-purchased' list. I got an adorable fish, spoon rest for the stove and these glass bubble flower glasses are high on my list for the summer. SO cute!

Tote bags - Can you have too many?

Maybe I do have around one million tote bags, but really, don't you think you need many different styles for many different occasions. I know Ms. M would agree. And how am I supposed to resist this tote from JCrew. It's just too fantastic (and at 10 bucks, well-priced) to pass up.

Where will the weekend take you?

Even though it's been a short work week for me, Friday could not come a moment too soon. I have so much post vacation house cleaning to do, it's not even funny. Still, I have plans to spend time with 2 of my favorite people (Adriane & CN...hooray!) so I can hardly wait to get to it. Whatever your plans, I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful weekend :)

(Gorgeous photo by Joe)


Florida's Finest

I never make it out of Florida without 2 or 3 boxes of Anastasia's Coconut Patties...'cause they are just so delicious! What could be more delightful than delicious coconut dipped in dark chocolate. Not much really. I brought back this little taste of Florida for all my friends at home and if CN is any example (he ate the whole box in less than 24 hours) then everyone loved these treats. Yummy!!


Shopping - Key Largo style

If you find yourself in the delightful Florida Keys, you absolutely have to stop in Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters. This gem of a store on US 1, mile marker 82 in Islamorada, is loaded with fantastic outdoor gear from top companies like The North Face, Mountain Hardware and Keen. They also have great sales and t's with their very own logo are so great, I ended up walking out with two! Love their logo and the light-weight quality of the shirts. This store also has the nicest and most helpful staff to add to the fun you are already having!

Summer-inspired Coke cans

OK, I can hardly wait until summer anyway but look at these adorable, summer-inspired cans Coca-Cola has planned for us!

Back to reality

Hi all! I am back from my vacation in the Florida Keys. I have to confess that I am not super happy to be back. My trip was great...spent wonderful time with my mom and Laura (and of course Laura's lab Zeus...here we are, eating dinner and watching the sunset), went to the beach many times (which was gorgeous as always) and did some fun Key's style shopping. Most of all, I just relaxed and gazed at the beautiful beautiful environment that I am so lucky to have in my life. I love you Key Largo!

Thank you to Ms. M for holding down the fort. I glanced at all the awesome posts and I'm now about to dig in and comment on all. Where do you find all this fabulousness Ms. M?!?!

(Photo by Laura :)


oohh!!! la la earrings....

Oh gosh! I think we all know why I have to have this set....

Happy (Heart) Friday!

I hope everyone is having a very happy Friday....Aren't these Forever 21 earrings adorable? I'm having a bit of an obsession with all things heart shaped lately....I bought the most adorable creme/black hearts umbrella from Forever 21 right before my trip & love it to pieces! I might have to purchase the earrings too....


Even Vogue loves J. Crew!

Great little write up in NYMag about Vogue's Sally Singer & her approval of J. Crew's clothing/shoes. Don't you love Jenna Lyons's outfit? I've been noticing her in all the fashion mags...I think she did a spread in the newest issue of Lucky....She's quite the IT fashion girl.

I finally found my perfect ballet flat!

This is one of my holy grail items--seriously..with each black ballet flat I purchase I'm hoping (praying!) this pair will be THE pair I've been searching for. Today my search ended! I am happy to say these Cole Haan flats are as perfect as they come...The shape of the toe is very important when searching for the perfect ballet flat & I'm super excited to tell you that these fit the bill! I am so so in love...and the buttery nappa leather is well...like butter. I can finally say I will cross this item off my Holy Grail List. Yippee!!! ..and it's not even Friday yet!
Don't you just love shopping???

(coming soon: what's on your "Holy Grail Shopping List"???)


thought for the day

I couldn't agree more...Loving this poster!

i heart camper

I have loved Camper for many years....Their shoes are always stylish, well made, & kind of cheeky fun....I'm so loving these sandals called Mandarina for summer. The foot bed catches my eye--love the dots!

because i actually like office supplies...

I need to get these pens! Loving the glasses pen especially....They're Swiss made & last for 7 years! Can it get better than this?


Must Have!

You know I'm a huge fan of Blanca Gomez...Adorable new stationary sheets, envelopes & stickers!

Too Cute

I guess I'm in the baking mood....Cupcakes & owls on a stick? I'm sold!

whoopie pies make me happy

Am I wrong?...Go ahead and make your own!


OK...Who didn't have own a pair of penny loafers (preferably by Bass) when they were a kid in the 80s?...I'm feeling nostaglic these days and these loafers from Cole Haan may just hit the spot for me!

some new finds...

Some of my favorite new finds from Anthropologie....Especially loving the orange creme straws, pineapple dish towel, and cute vase!


chic paper bags...

These craft bags by Humunuku Shoppe are gorgeous!

Can't have too many...

sneaks...I've seen these Comme des Garcons lo top Converse around, but could never find them...until now!


I'm Off!

Just one more day until I'm on the beaches of Key Largo! I hope everyone has a wonderful week...I know I will :)

Love you


Bon Voyage, KP!

I am super duper excited that you're about to go on your Florida trip! Please say hello to my dear dear home state and have a fantastic time...We'll all miss you, of course...but I hope to hold down the fort while you're away. When do you come back? (perhaps a small private note to my yahoo acct?) .....Take very good care and best wishes to you, Laura & your mom! xoxo, kj


do you want to work at vogue for a week?

...well, here's your chance! can you imagine meeting The Anna?

a new favorite...

I'm so in love with my newest find! I must wear one with each & every outfit this spring & summer! I'll let you know how they look when I receive them....Fabby as gifts too.