I finally found my perfect ballet flat!

This is one of my holy grail items--seriously..with each black ballet flat I purchase I'm hoping (praying!) this pair will be THE pair I've been searching for. Today my search ended! I am happy to say these Cole Haan flats are as perfect as they come...The shape of the toe is very important when searching for the perfect ballet flat & I'm super excited to tell you that these fit the bill! I am so so in love...and the buttery nappa leather is well...like butter. I can finally say I will cross this item off my Holy Grail List. Yippee!!! ..and it's not even Friday yet!
Don't you just love shopping???

(coming soon: what's on your "Holy Grail Shopping List"???)

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  1. Oh Ms. M...what a find! I am so with you on the perfect ballet flats. I found a pair (that I wore in your wedding!!) a few years ago that are perfect in every way...except for one thing...I had to buy a size to small (because I refused not to have them) and while I love them dearly, they do pinch a bit. Your Cole Haan find may allow me to finally find my perfect pair...that fit :)

    ps...love the 'Holy Grail' idea!