Always wanted to visit...

Sydney & Melbourne...and now I see it everywhere in blogs, travel sites...Did you know it takes a good 26 hours to get to Sydney?...and I thought 13.5 hrs was long! I see this as a sign....There are some great fares at the moment...hmmm....

{lovely shot by Garance Dore}

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  1. What an amazing pic! My only contact with travel to Australia was my dad who went there a a couple times. I have to say...he loved it! The topography is so much different than anywhere else and even though it's a cliche, he did have the chance to take pics with a lot oa kangaroos...so cute! There is also a very lagre Greek population in Australia (particularly Melbourne...I believe...correct me if I'm wrong)

    So Ms. M...how long will it be before we find you on flight ;)