How many, is too many?

A couple years ago, Old Navy had these awesome tees. They were super flattering with nice, light-weight fabric and an adorable gathered, ballet-scoop neck line. So back then, I stupidly only bought one. I proceeded to wear the ever-loving heck out of it and vowed that if the shirt ever returned, I would buy it in every single color. So here we are...a few years later and slightly different but no less wonderful version of my favorite shirt is back. Not going back on my word, I have already purchased 4 of them...so I ask...if you love something (and we are talking $12 here) can you ever have too many?

I'd love to know about a favorite item of yours...one that you can't stop buying in every color, shape and size :)


  1. You have my blessings....GO BUY!!!! I do this all the time too...and don't you just kick yourself when you only buy one of something and it disappears...only to find out it was the best thing going??? I hate when this happens!

    I do this with mostly jcrew items: I have their spaghetti strap tanks..I literally bought 3 recently in diff colors... I also do this with jcrew dress shirts, jackie cardigans and shells, etc....

    i could go on for days.....You know it's like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry couldn't figure out if his date only wore one dress.... well, i guess w/ her she only had it in that one color....but you get the point...if it's good, buy in multiples!

  2. Shoes! I have often buy two or three identical pairs of shoes.