Back to reality

Hi all! I am back from my vacation in the Florida Keys. I have to confess that I am not super happy to be back. My trip was great...spent wonderful time with my mom and Laura (and of course Laura's lab Zeus...here we are, eating dinner and watching the sunset), went to the beach many times (which was gorgeous as always) and did some fun Key's style shopping. Most of all, I just relaxed and gazed at the beautiful beautiful environment that I am so lucky to have in my life. I love you Key Largo!

Thank you to Ms. M for holding down the fort. I glanced at all the awesome posts and I'm now about to dig in and comment on all. Where do you find all this fabulousness Ms. M?!?!

(Photo by Laura :)


  1. is this you w/ your new cut??? loving the view....gorgeous (both you & the view)

  2. Yes Ms. M!!! This is me! I know...its such a radical change even my best friends don't recognize me :) Still loving the short do...and missing the Keys (and Zeus)!

  3. i think it's a great new look for a great new and improved present/future! i need a major improvement myself!

  4. I can't imagine you need ANY sort of improvement. I most certainly did however.

    Oh and by the way...good eye on that view. Paradise!