Remember me?

A few weeks back, Ms. M posted about her 'perfect' new Simple Satire's (in black). Well, I just got the same shoe in 'hemp' and can I tell you, Ms. M was 100% spot on. I am wearing them today and they are the cutest and most comfortable shoes. Now, I have a 15 year fetish for 'basketball' type shoes. The first pair I bought (which I loved so much that I got 2) were from JCrew. I still have them but have added Superga, Jack Purcell's, Van's, various shades and styles of Puma's...and the list goes on. It's getting kind of ridiculous but I am totally nuts for the casual athletic style.

Anyway, I don't like to repeat great posts but this one was so nice, it had to be said twice :)


  1. Casual athletic style is the way to go, sporty stylish. I guess thats why I love Lole so much:)
    These shoes are the bomb!

  2. You are my inspiration for the casual athletic' style Laura!

    And these shoes are killing me...I just keep looking at them :)

  3. I want these shoes, they are so cute!