Ending the week on one last *yummy* note

If you love a delicious burrito or quesadilla now and again (or if you are me...pretty much every minute of the day) you have GOT to try La Banderita flour tortillas. So good! Laura and I found them in the Publix in Key Largo and I loved them so much I bought an extra bag, packed them in my suitcase and brought them back to Rochester (only to find out that Wegmans has them...thank goodness!!!)


  1. i think i've seen these at wegmans! just had quesadillas the other night...yumm...and who doesn't love good ol publix?? miss them so much!

  2. I still think packing the tortillas in my suitcase are what caused it to be delayed (it had to be delivered to my house in the evening). I mean who packs tortillas?!?! Well it was worth it...they are delicious!

  3. oh! i think you did the right thing...but too bad you had a delay w/ the bag. very good story though!