The Ulitmate Auction

Oh to be in Paris today...the Chanel auction was in full swing.

*Even the hanger is gorgeous :)


so so cute!

OK. I have a thing for cute erasers...and when I saw these I squealed! (Hey! They're wearing capes!)

so cute!

I bought this wrapping paper a few weeks ago.....Isn't it the most adorable thing?


Let me introduce you all to a little bit of the interior of my house. These very cabinets are on either side of the fireplace in my home. They are a lovely feature in the living room and to be honest, one of the things that first attracted me to the design of the house. They were also one of the things I thought would be the easiest to decorate but 3 years later, I still haven't really made the best possible use of them. One set has books...which I am actually ok with. I need to have my favorite books nearby and I love the way they look, filled to the brim with my classics. It is the other set that I just don't know what to do with.

So I am posing a question to you all...any decorating ideas? Themes? Possible purchases? In a word...help!

*By the way, I do adore my sister's wonderful cupcake paintings, but those can always be moved. You can hardly see them in there now anyway and that's just not acceptable for those cuties :)

Lovely collages

I am simply smitten with the work of artist Stephanie Levy. She works in mixed media, collages and does this soothing pieces inspired by her travel. Her work often features an quiet room in a fabulous city (this one is titled 'Paris') . I just lover he use of color and her subject matter really takes me away. Look for her wonderful studies of food subject too.

Vogue March '10

I am officially referring to the March issue of American Vogue as 'the good, the bad and the...huh?' Have you seen the issue yet? It is amazing and stupid all at the same time. To be positive, let's start with the 'good'. The 'Clean Living' spread and the 'Love at first sight' spread (featuring the wonderful Karlie Kloss) are simply gorgeous. I want every piece from those shoots and adore everything, head to toe. The 'bad' is stuff like the 'military' spread. If I have to see one more magazine featuring military inspired clothing, I think I might go over the edge. It's just my opinion but I don't like that look and the fact that it keeps popping up is mind boggling to me. But I suppose I am just being silly for thinking American Vogue might ... oh, I dont' know, be a little inventive and daring. The 'huh' is Tina Fey on the cover. Everyone knows she is not a clothes horse. In fact, she's an awful dresser. When you read the story about her, it is mostly dedicated to her fashion faux pas. Nevertheless...if she can land on the cover of the world's top fashion magazine...well, then it has ceased to be a fashion magazine. Just call it 'Vanity Fair II'.

Blake Lively-opinions please!

So what do you all think of Blake Lively? I am obviously late to the game of adoration being played with her. I didn't have the slightest clue who she was until she showed up on the cover of Vogue (Feb. '09?) though the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' did finally jog my memory. Now she's on another show I never watch ('Gossip Girl'-Ms. M did a great post about this back in the summer...sadly, even thought the wardrobe on this show is amazing, I think I might just be too old for it :( Anyway, for the last year, it seems everyone has been waxing fantastic about her fashion sense and I am here to ask...what do you think? Should I pay attention to her...because I haven't been. Is she worth all this attention...or is it just hype. What do you think of her style?


Loving my...newest issue of New York Magazine

I am so in love with the spring fashion issue of NYmag. Does it get any better than this?

But will they fit?

Have you ever been in the kids section of your favorite store (online or in person) and noticed how great the kids stuff is and thought to youself, 'why don't they just make this in a bigger size?' Well, I am coveting and wishing for the shoes from the Crewcuts collection at J.Crew. Have you seen the shoes?! Wow! They are gorgeous! And I am not just talking about the girls selection. The boys are loaded with great stuff...Oxfords, wingtips, mocs. Pretty much every shoe I have been looking for, for the last 10 years but without any luck. Check it out...you'll been green with envy that you aren't a kid again.


Have you seen Ice Watches?

Ice Watches have got to be the coolest thing to hit the states in years. These Belgian timepieces in so many bright and beautiful styles and colors just make me happy.

Our team...

Who doesn't love the Olympics games? Summer or winter, its tough not to get into the spirit. One thing I have hardly ever liked is the official gear the athletes wear but this year has been different. All the US athletes looks smashing in their navy blue puffer coats designed by Ralph Lauren but the thing that did it for me? Those absolutely adorable knit hats. I've got to have one!

obsessed with chanel

I watched Coco avant Chanel last night and loved it! I know, no biggie surprise there....but still. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but quickly picked up....Audrey Tautou is gorgeous! and costuming is to-die-for brilliant. I have a new obsession with Chanel stuff too...Not that I have any to really speak of, except for a lipstick. I do covet the lipstick case though....What is it about those interlocking CCs? My vision is to own a 2.55 Chanel bag when I turn 40, which (unfortunately) isn't that far off in the future...My philosophy on Chanel clothing/handbags: They are items one cultivates into when they're "older"...By older I mean someone who's kind of lived a life of some sort....no teens allowed (that's just obnoxious). So I dream of my bag in the meantime....Next up is my powder compact. Who wouldn't want to pat down their shiny nose in public? Viva Coco!!!


not sure whether to laugh or cry...

Driving home today I happened to hear the "letters" segment from All Things Considered.....Nothing new about that, but to my amazement I heard my high school's name being mentioned and I nearly cracked up. Believe me, I'm the first one to say I wasn't a huge fan of high school, but now that I'm (much!) older I kind of have an affinity towards my old alma mater, Lake Mary High School in lovely Lake Mary, Florida. Would you believe Chrysler was threatening to sue because the school's logo looked just like the Dodge Ram's logo??!!! Granted I saw the logos and they do look exactly the same...and I do believe you shouldn't swipe trademarked materials....but still. It's just a high school (and a well respected one at that!). Oh well....I'm sure the whole school board is feeling like Homer Simpson right about now...

What's in a name?...Kate & Laura

There must be something about the names Kate & Laura... A pair of smarties who are truly unique in the fashion world! I love this designing duo....more for their smart personalities than anything else...Their dresses are dreamy too...They're bookish, a bit off beat..and always interesting to read about!

Lonny: February Issue Now Available

Don't forget to check out the newest online issue of Lonny! I love this mag...I would buy this in a heartbeat if the paper version were available...It definitely has all the great touches of my beloved Domino.....Take a look!

L.L. Bean Signature

I received an interesting email from L.L. Bean over a month ago announcing their upcoming signature collection. Only a few items are available so far, but I'm kind of excited to see a more refined Bean coming this March....What do you think?

Fall 2010 Fashion Week: Loving Marc Jacobs

I am so impressed by Marc Jacobs' fall collection...I haven't loved a lot of his stuff from the last few seasons, but this season he seems really spot on.

Queen Sadie!

I know Katie must be giddy with excitement over Sadie's win last night at the WKC's dog show. Congrats to a mighty fine terrier!


Bike Tool Roll - 100% handmade, 100% awesome

So I have to plead a certain amount of partiality for this particular item. That's because it was designed by my brother-in-law Joe and 100% handmade by my sister Laura. Joe is an avid, expert biker and he and Laura are quite a team when it comes to all things exercise and outdoor related. Frankly they are are both monsters when it comes to outdoor living. Laura has competed in many marathons (she even won one a few years ago) and Joe has been biking, well, pretty much forever. I could try to list all the activities they do, but it would be insane. Let me just say they do everything. Joe had been saying that there just wasn't a good way to transport bike tools out on the market. Let's face it...you don't want to get stuck without them when you are on a long ride (and no one has invented Triple A for bikes as far as I know). So he and Laura designed this really cool looking case that has all the flexibility you need when you are out of the road with the durability to hold up to the road. I'm not a biker but I can already think of a few things it would be pretty awesome for ( I have so many artists friends who are always trying to figure out ways to transport their equipment). For more info. check out their Blog and Etsy shop. You can custom order them as well. Great tip and great idea for the organized adventurer.

new food find: Jell-o Mousse Temptations

Very odd, I know...but this stuff is actually pretty good. I am quite surprised....I'm having one right now and I have to say it's a nice treat (w/o all the calories). Let me know what you think!

Elle UK

Did you know that Elle UK is my newest favorite fashion mag (besides British/French Vogue, of course)? Not only am I mad over the covers (when was the last time I was giddy over a cover?) the content is actually smart! I bought this Dec. issue w/ Kate Hudson on the cover (and I'm so not a fan of hers!..but I actually like her in the spread) and have coveted it ever since. I am in love w/ the graphics too....It's just fun! I like the American counterpart as well and think it's way better than American Vogue. Check it out when you get the chance!

Get it today: Coco avant Chanel

Coco avant Chanel comes out today on dvd!!! B. has reserved a copy for me already! I am so excited to watch this. I sadly missed it when it came out in theatres, but am hoping it still looks delish on the small screen!

Piqued my interest: Alexa Chung for Madewell

Alexa Chung's collaboration with Madewell: hit or miss? Guess we'll find out in the fall! I kinda like some of the looks...

Fall 2010 Fashion Week....Loving Richard Chai

I love Richard Chai's fall lineup....I'm drooling over this fabulous turtleneck. See the whole line here....

When you need a pick-me-up...

With names like Gladiator and Lola you just can't go wrong w/ the WKC's 2010 Dog Show.


The year of the cat

Tomorrow is twice as much fun because it is also Chinese New Year! The most important holiday of all the traditional Chinese holidays. We celebrate the year of the Tiger. Celebrate in your own special way and enjoy the festivities.

(Joyful print by Betsy Thompson)

Love is in the Air

On the eve of the sweetest day of the year, I just want to wish everyone I love (you know who you are ;) all my best and all MY love. Have something sweet to eat tomorrow (something chocolaty and delicious comes to mind) and think of me!

(Beautiful photo by a fave irenesuchocki)


i heart: Once

Once has to be one of the sweetest movies I've seen...and I am in love with "Falling Slowly" the main track from the movie's soundtrack....Glen Hansard's raw voice is beautifully matched by Marketa Irglova's haunting background accompaniment in many of the songs...I am smitten with the simple nature of the film, but more so the lead characters. I'm a little late in discovering this gem, but I think I found it just at the right time. I was looking for something to lift me up and this movie did just that. I'm even in love with the name of the duo's band name, The Swell Season. Need I say more?

Also, if you have a moment head over to PRI's The World and listen to Marketa's interview with Marco Werman...I was listening to this segment while driving home a few weeks ago and purposely crept up to my driveway because I wanted to hear all of the segment.

{lovely artwork by elloh}

happy (early) valentine's day

I wanted to wish everyone a very lovely valentine's day on sunday...this little piece is called heart & key by the very talented emily martin/black apple. because of the walloping snow storms over the past week i almost forgot that this sweet holiday was on its way...i hope you take time to be thankful for all your loved ones...


all things glittery

If happiness can be found inside a bottle, then deborah lippmann's "Happy Birthday" nail polish fits the bill! I treated myself to one for my very own b-day...strangely enough I feel a bit happier when I stare down at my nails. Go figure...$18 can buy you happiness. Speaking of glittery.... I was perusing fifi lapin's blog tonight and came across her wearing the glittery DVF number....What a chic combo!

more sad news...

Sad news regarding one of London's most creative designers...Alexander McQueen was found dead on Thurs morning.


you know it's bad when...

a mugger steals a coat off a dog's back! i laughed (and felt bad for humanity!) when i read this newsclip from the nypost about a westie who had his $25 green coat stolen as his owner went inside a store for some milk. apparently he has a nice burberry backup so no worries, but imagine if he didn't.... nyc is supposed to get a pounding of this lovely blizzard that d.c. saw today! did you hear??? we've officially topped this winter's snowfall as the heaviest! my mind is numb from all this snow...but it sure beats going in to work! stay warm!


snowed in...

hi all. it's been a while since i've last posted....thanks to kp for holding down the fort!
did you hear d.c. is getting pounded w. snow this weekend??? yep...for the second time this winter, we're getting a blizzard.... and you know how d.c. gets when there's a major snowstorm! i've been glued to local news all day long--it's total mindless chatter but i kinda enjoy it.
we went to wegmans last night and i swear most perishable items were sold out! total chaos...but i guess there's good reason this time around...we're sure to get at least 24 inches but might get up as high as 30 inches! above is a beautiful photo of our neighborhood covered in snow....
stay warm, folks!

Happy (SuperBowl) Weekend!

Everyone ready for the 'big game'?! I can't wait...CN and I are getting pizza from our favorite shop, hanging out and enjoying the spectacle. I'm in an even more celebratory mood for Superbowl XLIV, because for the first time in 2 years I will be at home watching...hooray for me! This year proves to be a win/win as far as I'm concerned; if the Saints win, there will be a brand new champ! If the Colts take the prize, then everybody's fave, Peyton Manning get his second ring.

Whatever your plans, I hope you have the best weekend :)

*Photo for all those Redskins diehards out there...who can forget that famous 'Riggins drag' in Superbowl XVII


Runaways-The movie

I don't know about you, but I am so excited for the release of the film "The Runaways". Formed in the mid-70's the Runaways were Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandy West and Cherie Currie...an all-girl band to end all-girl bands. These women were and always will be 100%, true, hard-core, rock-n-roll...not some fake imitation we're used to today. Their story promises to be completely raucous and amazing. Joan Jett alone is my rock-n-roll hero (and by the way, have you seen her lately?! 50+ ...still rocking...and looking incredible)

The film premiered at Sundance '10 to some pretty great reviews. Check of the trailer...

...but the retro style cards are so cute too!

Picking Valentine's day cards could not be more difficult. I love all the snazzy, artsy new-fangled styles...but then 'Frankly, I like you' just makes me smile :)

For more Valentines Day kitsch, check out Fred Flare

City of Love

And speaking of Valentines Day...how about this beautiful tribute to the City of Love. You've seen her work here before but I can never get enough of irenesuchocki

Le Sport Sac Hobo

My latest bag love is this oh so cool Le Sport Sac Hobo in Zinc. I saw someone with it a few weeks bag and just had to have it. I am kind of a giant sucker for 'messenger' style, across-the-body bags and this one is pretty perfect....for everything. It's durable, stylin...I love you Le Sport Sac.

Adorable Valentines

How fabulous are Emily Martin's (aka the Black Apple) Valentines. Just a little over a week left to pass these cuties on to your sweetie!

Milan...most fashionable city....ever!

Have you checked out The Sartorialist lately? Wow. I suppose there is a reason Milan has the reputation for being the most fashionable city on earth. These people are blowing me away!