Our team...

Who doesn't love the Olympics games? Summer or winter, its tough not to get into the spirit. One thing I have hardly ever liked is the official gear the athletes wear but this year has been different. All the US athletes looks smashing in their navy blue puffer coats designed by Ralph Lauren but the thing that did it for me? Those absolutely adorable knit hats. I've got to have one!


  1. did the us team wear ralph lauren for the summer olypmics in beijing? i have a feeling they did... of course one of the most fun parts of watching the opening games is looking at the clothing worn by each country. you know who impressed me the most? the italians of course. they were wearing blazers but i think they must have been lined w/ something...the cut and fabric looked gorgeous!

  2. The Italians usually make everyone else look pretty bad...this year was no different. Well, they have the advantage because I think they wear Armani. And you are right...I believe the US did wear Ralph Lauren inspired outfits for the summer. I love that the US always goes with a sporty look. I think that is uniquely American. But I don't think they have too look like they just got out of the gym. Love the navy blue puffers...and totally love those knit caps :)