Blake Lively-opinions please!

So what do you all think of Blake Lively? I am obviously late to the game of adoration being played with her. I didn't have the slightest clue who she was until she showed up on the cover of Vogue (Feb. '09?) though the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' did finally jog my memory. Now she's on another show I never watch ('Gossip Girl'-Ms. M did a great post about this back in the summer...sadly, even thought the wardrobe on this show is amazing, I think I might just be too old for it :( Anyway, for the last year, it seems everyone has been waxing fantastic about her fashion sense and I am here to ask...what do you think? Should I pay attention to her...because I haven't been. Is she worth all this attention...or is it just hype. What do you think of her style?


  1. oh this is good! you know, i do have a slight fascination with ms. lively. did you know she's the younger sister of Rus from National lampoon euro vacation? Just a little fact.

    OK..back to blake. she's quite interesting..not sure if i like all the clothes she wears but she does look good in them because she's quite pretty. i have this weird fascination with pretty blondes...not all of them but just one other: gwyneth. anyway, i do like the way she presents herself. she's quite put together and her nothing about her offends me. it does seem like she makes an effort to look stylish...and i think anna wintour has a thing w/ her.... there was a page for her in the newest issue of vogue, right? or am i mixing up my mags again? i'll post on vogue in a sec. so bottom line: she is interesting and unlike all the other trashy young hollywood folks.

  2. Well, this is great info Ms. M. You are totally correct, she is featured in the new Vogue and is even referred to in the same breath as style icon Grace Kelly (who is kind of a cliche but smashing nonetheless). I have to admit that I think she is lovely...but not in that sunny, CA blonde way (although I guess that's exactly what she is). I never hear anything bad about her which also makes her appealing (Lindsey Lo...are you listening?) ... and since she has the ultimate...the Ms. M seal of approval, I will definitely be paying more attentions to Ms. Lively!

    *No kidding about her brother?