not sure whether to laugh or cry...

Driving home today I happened to hear the "letters" segment from All Things Considered.....Nothing new about that, but to my amazement I heard my high school's name being mentioned and I nearly cracked up. Believe me, I'm the first one to say I wasn't a huge fan of high school, but now that I'm (much!) older I kind of have an affinity towards my old alma mater, Lake Mary High School in lovely Lake Mary, Florida. Would you believe Chrysler was threatening to sue because the school's logo looked just like the Dodge Ram's logo??!!! Granted I saw the logos and they do look exactly the same...and I do believe you shouldn't swipe trademarked materials....but still. It's just a high school (and a well respected one at that!). Oh well....I'm sure the whole school board is feeling like Homer Simpson right about now...

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  1. Ms. M...ok this is the funniest thing I have ever heard. No offense to those folks out there who still dig American cars but this story might be one of the reasons they have sucked so badly for the last 20 years (just as an aside, I am Toyota Matrix driver and I LOVE my car...recall and all!) I mean come on! You want to try focusing on making a car that doesn't break down at 60K miles !?! What is so unique about that stupid ram anyway?!? I feel like I've seen that logo a million times. I don't see them going after the NFL Rams...no...they couldn't pick on someone their own size. Geez.

    On the same note...how awesome that your H.S. was in the news! I love it! Funny how the years we put between ourselves and the high school years really soften us. Do you know my 25 year reunion is this year...good lord.

    *And I love the perfect use of Homer :)