But will they fit?

Have you ever been in the kids section of your favorite store (online or in person) and noticed how great the kids stuff is and thought to youself, 'why don't they just make this in a bigger size?' Well, I am coveting and wishing for the shoes from the Crewcuts collection at J.Crew. Have you seen the shoes?! Wow! They are gorgeous! And I am not just talking about the girls selection. The boys are loaded with great stuff...Oxfords, wingtips, mocs. Pretty much every shoe I have been looking for, for the last 10 years but without any luck. Check it out...you'll been green with envy that you aren't a kid again.


  1. you know, for a quick sec i thought you'd taken pics of our old oxfords from the 90s...
    i totally know what you mean about the kiddie shoes at crewcuts! i salivate over them too!! remember i found a pair of mary janes that were to die for and i ended up calling cust service about the girls shoe sizes...she lead me to believe i couldn't fit into a kiddie 3 but i still think i can. i do w/ kiddie gap converse shoes.. anyway, i might just try it again.... thanks! great post!

  2. I am tell you Ms. M...I am going to squeeze my foot into a pair of those boys Oxfords if it is the last thing I do. So glad you approve!

  3. i love how they have the girls in the boys oxford shoes! as a mom of all girls, i love being able to shop the boys section!

  4. I am so glad you said this Hadley because it makes me feel a little less silly for wanting the boys selections for myself! I'll bet your girls look smashing!

    Back in '98 I bought a pair of Oxfords from JCrew that I am still wearing to this day! I have never been able to replace this perfect shoe (as Ms. M will attest to) but the version they have in the boys collections is almost spot on.