Did you know...

...that this is the 999th post on Ooh La La Du Jour? You know I can' t resist any chance to mark an occasion and this seems like as good a milestone as any. I have to admit, it never occurred to me that KJ and I would ever hit 1000 posts. Keeping at it, especially considering the year or so that she and I have had has been a bit of a feat in and of itself. But I think KJ would agree, that what started out as a mere list of things we 'adore' has become more than that...it has become a way for 2 great friends to reconnect. It was only after we started this blog that I realized how much I missed KJ as part of my daily life...but now she is back...and to quote a brilliant company 'Life is good' :)

Anyway, to mark the occassion, here are few of my favorite posts of the last 1000. It is pretty hard to narrow it down and I've no doubt I've missed many...but this is a start. (By the way, I'd really like KJ to have the 1000th post...so I think I will hold off until she returns...so have a happy weekend all!)

Sylish Japanese Umbrellas
May I Come Along
Born to Beach!
A new favorite...
Librarian Chic Monday...Necklace Required
Scene Stealing Nails
Bass Shoes
My favorite things...forever...and totally priceless

(Print by the amazing black apple)


Predicting a new obsession

I'm kind of in heaven now, just thinking of this fabulous post I saw on Cup of Jo this morning. Apparently, Julia Leach, the former creative director at Kate Spade has started a new line called Chance. As Cup of Jo stated, the line seems to be built around the stripped shirt (if I had a line of clothing, I am 100% certain it would look like this). Fabulous.

And can you see the Kate Spade influence? Simple, clean, beautiful!


I luv ya Team Radio Shack !

You gave all 28 million of us strength, pride and hope.

(And Au revoir Le Tour de Lance :)

Snacking All-Stars

So I've finally decided to concede (to myself at least) that I am a snacker. I know other cultures don't snack as much as Americans tend to and in this particular arena, I am 100% US born and bred. I've tried not to do it...but it seems I must. That said, if I must snack then that doesn't necessarily mean I have to eat junk. In fact, I really can't stand eating crap and I barely ever do. This is a list of a few items that are tired and true. Delicious, satisfying and heathly (and kind of beautiful too..don't you think). If you have any fave snacks PLEASE let me know...I am always looking for new things to add to my list :)

Fage Greek Yogurt
Cliff Mojo Bars
Stacy's Pita Chips
Wegmans Organic Peanut Butter(very yummy on a Golden Delicious Apple)
Baby-cut carrots

A summer classic

Before heading out to the movie last night, I went over to Adriane's adorable new house for a yummy summery spread. She had all kinds of deliciousness (including cucumber sandwiches and fruit salad...mmmm) but my favorite favorite thing she made was homemade lemonade. I swear this might sound sad but it was the first time I ever had lemonade that wasn't from concentrate. Can I tell you, taking that extra step and making it yourself, can make all the difference. It was heavenly. Here's a recipe that sounds exactly how she described making it. Just a few more weeks of summer so make the most of it and try this out!

Hypnotic new video

Have you seen this stunning new video that's gone viral. I believe it was made in cooperation with Levis. Love it and love our beautiful country.

'These go to eleven'

Adriane and I saw This is Spinal Tap at the Dryden last night. I think it was the second time for both of us. If you haven't seen it, all I have to say is...good god, what is wrong with you?

Funniest movie EVER. Period. Think I'm exaggerating? Here's what U2's The Edge said about the film in the documentary It Might Get Loud;

"I didn't laugh, I cried," because it summed up what a brainless swamp big-label rock music had become".

Trust me, his pain is your hilarious pleasure.

(Oh and Christopher Guest, I love you :)

For those of you patiently waiting...

Fifi Lipin's shop is once again, open for business!

Functional fetish

Have I mentioned lately how much I love cool laptop cases? Well I do. I've posted about ones I've seen and loved in the past. It's pretty rare though because I don't see many I like and I don't think people put much thought into finding a great looking one. This one from Anthropologie is ... well, I think I love it more than my laptop itself :)

Beautiful Bento

This exquisite bento by Sakurako Kitsa (via poppytalk) is just way to gorgeous to eat.

Here's hoping your Wednesday lunch is just as inspiring!


Better late than never

Well, maybe I am not so much as late...as I am fussy. I am finally getting in on the wellie craze not so much because I just started to like them, as much as I have finally found some I love. You all know that we have a newly opened LL Bean in upstate New York now. I popped in this weekend and tried on a pair of their lovely wellies and I am so in love. Frankly, I can't believe I haven't jumped on this bandwagon sooner because they make so much sense...especially up here where it never seems to stop raining. LL Bean has some cute printed wellies but I am pretty sure I am going with the either the hunter green or navy...I am also adding 'wellie warmers' which make them comfortably warm and jazz them up a bit...check out this link to see the combo. I'll be getting

Love Graphic Tees? Here's your source.

Forever 21, you are officially killing me with your absolutely awesome graphic tees. It is like an endless supply of the most adorable designs I have ever seen! And at their low prices, why chose!? Just get them all :)

The best ever?

(I am going to tell you at the outset that this little item is a mere 500 bucks...ridiculous for a book? I'm not so sure...when you consider the 'author' and subject ... read on :)

Is there anyone who would argue that Kate Moss is one of the most unique figures to come out of fashion in the last 50 years. Let's face it, the woman has just got it. If you think about it, she probably looks her most fabulous when she is spotted in outfits of her own and just when you are sick to death of everyone waxing poetic about her, you see her photographed somewhere looking so...aaaah...bloody perfect! Well, none of this has been lost on the brilliant photographer Mario Testino, whose book celebrating Kate Moss will be out later this year (I think). It is a limited edition (1,500) copies and I already mentioned the price. I'm not sure it will ever end up on my book shelf but I am hoping to peruse the pages...one day...'cause at this moment, I am ultra-fascinated with their project.


Say Cheese!

KJ is our resident in charge of Forever 21 jewelry, but I know she would be proud of me for posting about this ridiculously adorable, tiny-camera necklace. I ask you...have you seen anything cuter?

Classics and Karlie - Vogue August 2010

I just about fell over and died when I saw the Classic Revival (Fashion Rogue has all the info.) spread in the August 2010 edition of US Vogue. I don't think I've been this excited about the Fall collections since Tom Ford's amazing '95 collection for Gucci.

Oh and Anna Wintour, if you are listening, please please please put Karlie Kloss on cover of the September issue of Vogue. If you have any sense you've already figured out that she is the next mega-model and as big a 'star' as any non-model you put on the cover.

Do yourself a favor...

...and run out and get yourself Nivea's Touch of Happiness Body Wash. Laura left some behind in the Keys and it is the BEST! I think Laura only likes to use it when she is visiting the Keys because it's just so ... well, Florida-y! It has the loveliest scent of orange blossom and I have to admit, I thought about just saving it for my visits to the Keys and then I thought ... nah...this stuff really does make me happy and why deprive myself of that!

Oh Monday...

Welcome back from the weekend kids! I hope you all had a great one. I have to admit, mine was kind of quiet. The highlight was the Tangy Miso Gravy (see KJ's awesome post from a couple weeks ago for the recipe). KJ did not lie...this recipe is amazing. I took her advice and steamed some vegetables and put it all over brown rice. It is absolutely fabulous. You may not have all the ingredients just lying around ( I didn't have white miso and sesame oil) but if you invest in the few things you don't have, it will be well worth it...I can see myself making this again and again :)

Saturday night was kind of stormy, and with no real plan, Chris and I kind of winged it and went over to SPoT coffee. I forgot how much I love their cafe au lait and we had a pretty fun evening, gossiping about some loony friends we have. After we stopped at Blockbuster (who does that anymore, right?) and grabbed the DVD 'Babel' which we both missed when it came out. A very pleasant evening :)

The hydrangeas pictured above are from my yard. If you didn't know, hydrangeas grow like mosters up here. I usually don't like to cut flowers from my yard...but I have one plant that was totally out of control...and these just make everything inside the house so lovely!


Final Friday Fun

It's 4:45 on a Friday afternoon...I'm trying to wrap things up here at work so I can get out here on time (meeting some friends at Sharks Ice Cream in Bloomfield, NY...apparently it's the best in town...some say the country ;) Anyway, even with all that, I just had to post this pic. Laura took of her Friday afternoon activities. Man, I don't know what it is about this picture that I think is so darn adorable. Maybe it's because I LOVE DD Latte Lites (and I happen to know that's what she was drinking 'cause I am the one who got her hooked) and that fabulous little plant in the ice cream cone pot (from Trader Joe's)...maybe it's kind of the perfect shot for a summery, Friday afternoon. And well, maybe you just have to know Laura ... she has a way of making inanimate objects have more personality than most people I know. Tell me these 2 don't look like buddies in this pic...and if I know Laura, she's already named that little plant!

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this late day photo as much as I did...and have a very happy weekend!

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Speaking of that June '10 issue of Lucky, there was also a fantastic bit about Mitsuwa, an Asian 'megastore' with 8 locations in the US. This store is the holy-grail for all items Japanese and though I have never been, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I want to go...right now! There is one in New Jersey...road trip anyone?

Hello Weekend !

Even though it's been a 3 day work week (after the oft-mentioned beach vacation), I'm still pretty excited the weekend is almost here! Speaking of my week off, while 'beaching' one day (yes, it can be a verb :), I was perusing the June 2010 issue of Lucky magazine. I have to say, it was a pretty great issue (Laura had left it behind from her recent trip to the Keys) filled with all sorts of great tips (some that I am sure will end up in this blog). The article I most loved was titled 'What is your weekend uniform?' The whole concept of 'uniforms' in our personal style absolutely fascinates me. I love that we can have a look, for certain occasion (this one being the weekend) that are our go-to outfits. I am always and forever, searching for mine. Of course we need different looks for different seasons, and this particular article was all about the summer weekend. I particularly loved Lucky accessories editor Julia Kalachnikoff's look which consisted of a summery, sleeveless dress, Derek Lam sunglasses, Birkenstocks and the ubiquitous LL Bean Boat and Tote. So smashing!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend...and make sure it is summery and super stylin!


...and they're not even fattening! - Librarian Chic (Thursday)

This article from NPR has librarians everywhere positively giddy! Of course how can anything that compares cupcakes and libraries ever be refuted ;)

*Sorry all...I'm guessing the positively beautiful cupcake pictured is NOT calorie free!

Oh how I've missed you!

(Sorry for all the shoe posts but...I can't help it :)

I am not not NOT ready for Fall but I have to tell you, the Fall collections have been knocking me out! One big reason why...loafers...penny loafers are absolutely every where and I could not be happier for their return. I know they've showed up in posts of mine already but I am just so excited. I spotted this pair by Sebago in the (pretty great) June/July issue of Harper's Bazaar. The only trick now will be to find the pair I want...but finally...so many choices on my all time favorite classic!

(And in case you think this is the first time penny loafer love has been mentioned on Ooh La La Du Jour...check out KJ's post from a few months back :)

Exercise Inspiration?

I'll have to ask Laura @ Soul Run more about these Nike LunarGlide Plus 2 running shoes...that said, I absolutely love the way they look. I've been in the market for a good pair lately (really trying to make a push toward getting back into good shape) and I've always found that new gear can give you that little lift you need. Nike always always makes a good shoe...so maybe this is just the punch I need!

Style meets function (yet again!)

Don't you love how something so totally annoying can become an absolute pleasure when you add a little design to the mix. Let's take doors that fall open or closed, for whatever reason. Totally irritating right? Not really...not if you have these completely wonderful doorstops from Ballard Design. I am so in love with these, I want them for every room!

(Spotted in Real Simple)


All's fine on the Riviera

Isn't this Chanel nail polish (named 'Riviera') just so so smashing and summery. Finding this fabulous shade might prove to be as difficult as getting to the Riviera however...it's a limited edition and seems to be disappearing quickly!

A Birkin Bag for the rest of us

I don't know about the rest of you, but I just can't see the day when I am going to have an extra 10K+ to drop on the oh-so-gorgeous and ever iconic Hermes Birkin Bag. This fabulous tote by Avril Loreti might just satisfy that craving :)

KP is back & KJ is off!

How funny that KJ is off and I just returned from my mid-summer vacay. I knew we timed it pretty closely but I had forgotten just exactly how close. Oh, well, I am super jealous of KJ...not just because her jaunt off to London sounds kind of amazing...but because I just had to return from a beach trip, which is barely ever fun for me. I had the best time ... because the Keys were as amazing as ever (for those of you who are concerned...not a tar-ball to be found on the lovely Gulf). I'm posting a few random pics (pardon the quality...only so much you can do with a phone camera). The picture of the sunset is from my very first night and I also included a pic of my 'beachy feet' which came back tan and relaxed (as did the rest of me :)

In addition to tons and tons of beaching, I had so much fun at a couple places I always hit when I am down south. Check out the picture (that's my mom to the right in white tee and beige cap) of the awesome fish tank at World Wide Sportsman. Have you ever been to WWS? They are so fun..filled with so much 'sportsmany' type stuff. Right next door is the Islamorada Fish Company...amazing setting, delicious, delicious food. Aaaah...I am missing it already.


Almost gone....

I hope everyone is having a good week so far...I just wanted to say a last farewell before I head out today....We'll be traveling to London this afternoon and will return during the latter part of next week.

Take good care and I'll talk to you when I return (hopefully more relaxed than I am today!)



Harlem Target

Target is opening a store in Harlem on the 25th and even I'm excited about it! Where was all this when I lived in NY? I remember trekking out to Queens for a good 2 hrs by subway & then bus...just to get to my "closest" Target store. I guess I should feel lucky I have a gazillion stores nearby now. :)

First of all, I love love all the ads they've been featuring in mags and from the 6 train! Isn't this cool? Plus there's going to be special collections designed by some heavy hitters including Ruben & Isabel Toledo( Don't fear....their designs will come to the online store in Aug.)

flippy summer shoes

We all know Havaianas are the flip flops to wear in the summer....Here are a few I'm loving...

Happy Friday!

I'm feeling a bit robot-y today, what about you? I hurt my right arm last week so I've been feeling a bit off lately....This Robot Brooch & Necklace would be perfect for such moods, wouldn't you say?

Hope you enjoy the weekend....It's been a scorcher of a week in the D.C. area and there seems to be no relief in sight! Don't forget the sunscreen!!!