The weekend - Summer style

Oh boy! This weekend is packed...super packed. Tomorrow, Chris is wrestling in the Beach Nationals. He's done it the past 3 years and I have to admit, it's pretty fun...mostly because it is outside...at Charlotte Beach (yes, we do have a beach up here...it's not the Key's but on a lovely, sunny day, which it is going to be tomorrow, it will do just fine). Sunday is the World Cup final (Go Holland!!). Of course we'll be watching it with our other soccer buddies Kris & Dan. Well, Chris will be watching it...I have to leave early on to go to my goddaughters piano concert. I've yet to hear her play and I understand she's so good!

I have to squeeze in a minute to go to the new LL Bean store that opened in Victor exactly 33 minutes ago. You have no idea how tempting it was to take the morning off to check it out...but with my upcoming vacay, I thought I might be pushing it.

Speaking of which, I'm off to the Keys on Monday!! Poor Chris has to stay behind to work and watch the house but I know he's jealous...I would be!! On KJ's advice, I decided to buy some Silly Bandz that we blogged about last week for my trip. When I looked online, I noticed they had an adorable Beach set but I figured I wasn't going to run around the city trying to find them. Then yesterday, I ran smack into them at, where else, Wegmans!!! They are so cute and just the perfect touch for my long days at the beach. I'll definitely give a big, warm hug to the Sunshine state for you KJ!

Love to everyone...I hope you all have an action packed weekend!


  1. oh! i want the dutch to win too!!! and have a fantastic weekend before your even more fantastic vacay!!!! take good care of yourself and let us know how you're doing down there...although i'm guessing you'll be pretty well taken care of there!

    safe travels!
    love, kj

  2. btw, love love the beach silly bandz... i bought a pack of the fast food bandz last weekend at borders. i'm definitely looking for the beach set at weggies this weekend! thanks!

  3. Thanks KJ!! I will be doing a whole lot of nothing on this vacation..and I can hardly wait!

    Fast food bandz?!?! Oh my god, a must have!! You will love the beach set...so Florida inspired!