The Road to Paris

Aah...the Tour du France. 2000+ miles of competition (and sometimes torture) for the cyclists...3 weeks of excitement and gorgeous, sweeping views of the French countryside for us. And it all ends in spectacular fashion of the streets of Paris. One day, I hope to be standing on those very streets cheering the cyclists home...until then, these wonderful bicycle themed items (all found on Etsy) will have to fill the void.

Screenprinted glassware by Vital, Buttons by potatopotato, Bicycle wall art by baconssquarefarm and J' Adore le Tour du France by slaps.

Happy Salute to Paris Week!


  1. do you have a link for the bike pin? love it so much! and i'm so bummed that we'll just barely miss the finale....too bad i didn't coordinate better....we'll be there on thurs, 22nd!

    love love this post!

    let's hope the comments section is working this time!

  2. KJ...I fixed the link for the bike pins so that should work now.

    I think the comments are back in business...so annoying yesterday not to hear directly from you!