KP is back & KJ is off!

How funny that KJ is off and I just returned from my mid-summer vacay. I knew we timed it pretty closely but I had forgotten just exactly how close. Oh, well, I am super jealous of KJ...not just because her jaunt off to London sounds kind of amazing...but because I just had to return from a beach trip, which is barely ever fun for me. I had the best time ... because the Keys were as amazing as ever (for those of you who are concerned...not a tar-ball to be found on the lovely Gulf). I'm posting a few random pics (pardon the quality...only so much you can do with a phone camera). The picture of the sunset is from my very first night and I also included a pic of my 'beachy feet' which came back tan and relaxed (as did the rest of me :)

In addition to tons and tons of beaching, I had so much fun at a couple places I always hit when I am down south. Check out the picture (that's my mom to the right in white tee and beige cap) of the awesome fish tank at World Wide Sportsman. Have you ever been to WWS? They are so fun..filled with so much 'sportsmany' type stuff. Right next door is the Islamorada Fish Company...amazing setting, delicious, delicious food. Aaaah...I am missing it already.


  1. I really love your beachy photos! Great shots!!! Mom look so cute looking at those fish.:)

  2. Oh my gosh, Mom was adorable with those fish. It was feeding time and I could not tear her away from them. Maybe she was missing her own fishies.

    Such a great trip :)